Accutane is an Amazing Miracle Drug in My Opinion

After suffering with chronic moderate acne until my mid-30s, I finally decided to do something about it last year. I had chronic moderate acne since I was sixteen years old. As soon as one breakout was almost healed, it would happen again. I used to take multiple showers a day, because I thought the oil on my skin was what caused me to breakout. If I forgot to wash my face at night, sure enough, I would wake up with a few new zits. It drove me absolutely nuts, especially while I was in college and into my young adulthood. If I had zits on my face, I did not want to go out with my friends and it always seemed like I had zits on my face! 

After trying every acne treatment there was: benzoyl peroxide, Retin-A, ointments, Duac, antibiotics (even bactrim!), etc., I finally could not stand it. I went to my dermatologist and practically demanded I be put on Accutane. I did not care about every negative thing I heard about it, as long as it once and for all stopped my acne. I was that desperate. My dermatologist, Dr. Welsh, finally agreed to put me on Accutane. Before starting, I had to sign up for the iPledge program, be on two forms of birth control (I did oral contraceptive and male condoms), and had to have blood work 30 days before starting my first dose to prove I was not pregnant. Once I was clear, I began my dose of Accutane, which was 30mgs/twice a day. I am 130lbs and 5'3" (normal dosing is .5 – 1 mg/kg per day), so my dosing was the strongest you can get. 

Based on the advice of my dermatologist and two friends who had gone on Accutane, I stopped using all other products that treated acne and dried out my skin (no more benzoyl peroxide, scrubs, etc.) as soon as I started my first dose of Accutane. I also began religious using Aquaphor for my lips and Visine eye drops to moisturize my eyes. Within two weeks my lips began to dry out a little and my oily skin started to reside. Because of my religious Visine and Aquaphor regimen, it never go to bad. 

For 6 months I stayed on Accutane, getting my blood tested every month. Let me say Accutane was not bad at all! All of those horrible side effects everyone talks about online did not happen to me. In fact, I actually loved being on it. It made my skin look so amazing. I received a ton of compliments and after the first month I did not have another breakout again. Once and for all it solved my acne. In my opinion Accutane is an absolute miracle drug. It cured my acne. If you have moderate/severe acne, please do not wait until you're in your mid thirties. Get on Accutane while you're young. 6 months of blood tests and doctor visits are so worth not having acne ever again. I can not understate the impact acne had on my life and the impact Accutane had ridding my skin of those disgusting red dots. I 100% recommend going on Accutane if my story is similar to yours. 


My acne was similar to Cameron Diaz's: 

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A good friend of mine tried accutane a few years ago after struggling with acne her whole life. She had tried every topical wash, cream, and lotion for acne but nothing helped. Once she did accutane her face cleared up and its been amazing ever since!