What is a radiesse facial filler treatment?

Hey! I am only 20 years old but my skin looks like a 50-year-old woman. I have consulted many dermatologists. Many skin tests were done, but nothing, in particular, was found. Every dermatologist whom I have consulted suggested me to do chemical peeling. As my skin is very sensitive, I can't opt for that. I am also afraid of the side effects that that might happen after peeling. Already my skin troubles me a lot, so I don't have a plan to do chemical peelings. When I consulted a dermatologist in
Toronto, he suggested me to try radiesse facial filler
. It is done to rejuvenate the skin and to get the youthful look. Also, it rebuilds the skin's foundation. So I am planning to go for that. I believe that it may not have any side effects like a chemical peeling. When I searched for radiesse, I couldn't find anything informative from the internet. I think radiesse is not so common. If anyone has done the same, please share your experience. How much does it cost? How much time will it take to complete the treatment procedures? Does it have any side effects ?


F, 37, Ontario