What's the cost of Accutane on average? Is it covered?

How much does a lower dose, 4-5 month treatment Accutane treatment cost on average? Does anyone have any experience making an insurance claim on their treatment? If so, were the costs paid in full?

The cost of Accutane will depend on if you have insurance. If you don't, it'll run you as high as $1719/mo at a pharmacy like Walgreens. You can get a coupon online though from GoodRX or SingleCare, and that should drive the cost down to around $402. I would also recommend going to CVS or Costco, which in my experience are cheaper pharmacies than Walgreens. If you do have insurance, you could pay as little as $5-10 per month for an Accutane prescription. 

With my insurance, my Absorica costs $75/month. If I was taking Claravis, it would only be $15/mo. My doctor told me Absorica is absorbed better than Claravis and that's why I'm on the more expensive medication.