Would I be a good candidate for Accutane?

I have had acne for 10 years. I am 22 and I have been getting chronic cystic acne for the last 5 years. While I don’t have acne all over my face, I constantly have 1-6 large cystic pimples. These make my face appear swollen, are painful, and really hurt my self confidence. I have tried so many skincare products, birth control, minocyline, and several over the counter and prescription topicals all have not worked.  I have seen dermatologists who attributed my acne to the stress I was going through, but now with less stress I am still breaking out and having constant cystic pimples. The majority of my skin is clear besides these cystic pimples which is why I am worried I won’t be prescribed accutane. My brother went on it and I am very aware of the side effects but I feel it is worth it since nothing I tried has worked. I am very sensitive to medicine s and their side effects which is why my dermatologist did not want me to go on spirolactane. I feel that I could deal with the side effects of accutane as they are few months long and the results are permanent. What do you think?


F, 27, New Jersey

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