Acne - dry out or moisturize

I'm always confused if it is better to dry out acne or keep it hydrated.  Does it matter more what type of skin you have or is there a proper way to tackle breakouts?

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What type of skin you have matters more. If your skin is oily, then stay away from moisturizing. If your skin is dry, don't go on making it drier. There are people who have combination skin. If you have combination skin, you are going to have to keep track of what is happening to your skin. If it is becoming dry, moisturize it. If it is becoming oily, stop moisturizing. I think the best treatments for acne are the natural ones: cleanliness, sleep, and nutrition. A good night's sleep makes the skin healthy, so does a good diet that consists of vegetables and fruits. Sleep and diet take time to produce results, though, so here's where to start:

Use an effective cleanser, then moisturize a bit. Acne is caused by germs, so cleanliness is a priority.