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By Megan Steel, PA-C
Physician Assistant
Montclair, NJ - Image Dermatology 

As a practicing physician assistant in dermatology, I see scores of patients with acne looking for skincare regimens and quick fixes that will give them the long term results they dream of. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions: 80% of Americans deal with it at some point in their lives, and as many as 20% will suffer from its more severe forms.

If you carry the physical and emotional scars of acne, I can assure you that you’re not alone. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), up to 50 million Americans suffer from acne. In fact, I myself struggled with it during my teens and twenties, and fought the good fight using topical treatments and oral antibiotics. I even considered spending several thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures. After consulting multiple dermatologists to no avail, I finally found an effective treatment, and my skin has remained blemish-free ever since.

But we’ll get back to my story a little later – let’s start by understanding what causes acne breakouts.


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Great and useful article shared!

I've purchased DermalMD Acne Serum 3 times. Since I started using it my skin has gotten sooo much better. I've struggled with acne for years. This serum is the only thing that has worked. I've tried everything from over the counter products to dermatologist prescriptions. I have very oily skin and large pores. I highly recommend.

Thank you for a great read. I am in my late twenties, almost 30, and I STILL struggle with acne. I've tried every cream, ointment, wash that's out there and nothing has been working for me. I think I'll make an appointment with my derm office and try to set up a plan!

I liked your blog.