Best Way to Remove Ice Pick Scars?

I was one of those lucky kids who developed terrible acne as an adolescent and have several ice pick scars on my face because of it. If it's at all feasible, I would very much like to get rid of them permanently, but understand it's not always such a simple process. Is that true though? Wouldn't the right peel take care of them, or am I dreaming in Technicolor thinking this? And if it could only be done with lasers or some other more involved technique would I have to sell my first born in order to pay for it?

I read chemical peels don't always work. I even read they sometimes make things worse. I had acne during my teenage years. My life would have been perfect if I had perfect skin. Acne is double jeopardy because it also leaves behind scars that I had almost for the rest of my life. After trying out many different products, All Purpose Hydroquinone Cream was the one that removed my acne scars. I'm still recovering from years of having ugly skin.

You can try it yourself and it's not expensive. Just ask your doctor first before trying it out, because hydroquinone isn't good with certain medicines.