Whats the best way to get rid of blackheads on my nose? I squeeze them out at night then they are back the next day!


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I found the only way I ever got rid of blackheads was with straight salicylic acid use. I use Ninja Skincare's #3 (that's what it is called! ha! There is a level 1, 2 and 3 and of course I am on the strongest!) - I use it every night after I was my face and in the daytime too, underneath my moisturizer. I have noticed that not only do I not get blackheads in my nose any more but the pores are not as noticeable anymore either. I was told too that salicylic acid will help stave off wrinkles too so that is a huge bonus!

Don't squeeze out your blackheads! They will turn into scars. I use a facial mask to remove my own blackheads. Patience is a virtue.

The absolute best way to get rid of blackheads is with a facial mask. You can buy them off Amazon or at CVS. Those things are absolutely amazing. You can also buy a blackhead extractor but you can't press too hard on your nose if you buy one or it will leave a bruise. I would definitely go with the mask. 

This is my favorite mask.

Blackheads, submitted image.

You can buy it here:

Get a blackhead extractor! They're awesome. Here's one:

I agree with the others below. Dont squeeze them! I use a peel away mask as well and have had good results with that.

I use a salicylic acid gel that I leave on overnight. After a few nights they started to disappear!

I agree with RedRose - do not squeeze your blackheads! Or if you do, use a blackhead extractor or wrap your fingers in tissues, so that your nails don't damage your skin! I would buy a mask as RedRose has suggested. There are some great ones out there. My favorite is one called the 'Maso' mask. 

Don't squeeze your blackheads, it will leave scars! I recommend buying a peel away mask, like this one:   I've used them for years and they're amazing! They are far better than those Biore strips, which have, in my opinion, a very weak adhesive for pulling blackheads. It's also quite gratifying to peel the mask off and see all of the blackheads stuck to it. I would also put some retinoids (e.g. retin-a) on your nose to shrink your pores! 



These masks are the best. I absolutely love them! There are few things as gratifying as pulling off a blackhead mask and seeing a bunch of gunk stuck to it. Sorry, I know that's a bit gross but it's true!