I have very minor acne scarring and I've heard good things about the Clarisonic device. Does anyone have experience with one? 


it looks like this: 

Clarisonic, submitted image.


M, 32, Massachusetts

I own a Clarisonic device. I used it all the time before I was on Accutane. I absolutely loved it. It kept my acne pretty much at bay and I only received small breakouts here and there. My skin was really smooth from it too. I'm on Accutane now because I want to permanently stop getting any breakouts. I'll return to using my Clarisonic once my Accutane treatment is over. The only disadvantage is the cost of the device and the brushes, which you'll need to replace from time-to-time. 

I love my Clarisonic. The brushes are expensive and I alway forget to charge it because I use it in the shower (yup, it's waterproof) but other than that, it's great. I definitely think it has helped eliminate small acne breakouts I used to get every once in a while. I use Obagi's salicylic face wash and my Clarisonic every night and my skin feels great afterwards. I usually apply Oil of Olay face moisturizer after and I've been very happy with the way my skin looks. 

I have this device and it has not faded any acne scarring. It makes my face feel very clean and fresh like the other commenters said but it has done nothing for my scars. I think you have to go to your derm or plastic surgery office for procedures for that. Good luck!

I agree. This device does not do anything for scarring. It just makes your face feel a bit cleaner. I think it pushed your face wash deeper into your pores and therefore cleans them out better.

I have used this for a while every night and my face always feels so clean and soft after! I love it!

I used Clarisonic for a bit and it worked well but I did not have acne scarring, I had dry flaky skin.  After a while it stopped working for me and  now I use Rodan & Fields and I absolutely LOVE IT!  It is the best, I see a huge difference in my skin tone.

Good Luck!

I use this device every night. I am huge fan of it. It makes my skin look very 'refreshed.'