Anyone have success with ProActiv? I'm 18 and tried it but still getting lots of acne.  I might need to do accutane but am scared :(

I had success with ProActiv in the past, but it was short lived. Apparently, according to my dermatologist, short-term improvement is common. It was a good starting point before I went to see the doctor about my acne and also helped her know that my face could handle some of their ingredients without irritation, but she could give me stronger stuff to help (eventually I used accutane, but that doesn't have to be your road to clear skin). The $20 or so the stuff was per month got annoying to receive because half of the time I had too much of one thing, and not enough cleanser. Eventually I stopped using it but never told my mother to cancel the subscription, so it wasn't until she paid for another 2 months that she realized I gave up on the full program and was only using the wash. I've heard some descent success with X out but don't know much about it and I've never used it myself. 

I tried ProActiv when I was younger and it worked in the beginning but after a while my acne started getting worse again. Accutane is a great option for someone who has been struggling with acne for a long time. I would definitely talk to your dermatologist about it because it can have some serious side effects. There is a nice long post in the forum here with someones personal experience with accutane. Maybe you can search it and read it/ask the orignal poster questions about it. Good Luck!