Treatments for bumps and blemishes on the buttocks

I've got pimples on my butt. There, I said it. I know it isn't ingrown hairs - it's simply adult acne. Is there anything I can do about this? Using cleansing pads and facial scrubs to treat the bumps on my buttocks doesn't really make sense, yet to my knowledge no skincare product exists specifically for this.

I had buttne in my early teens. The cause of my buttne was a combination of underwear that had been washed in the washing machine with extremely dirty doormats and detergent that I was allergic to. My buttne was gone when the detergent was changed and when the family maid stopped putting the doormats in the washing machine. Make sure that your undergarments hadn't been swimming somewhere dirty before you wear them. This post reminded me of the scars from my buttne, though. I successfully faded the acne scars on my face weeks ago using All Purpose Hydroquinone Cream, and now I'm thinking of using it to fade my buttne scars as well. Thanks for the reminder.

Good afternoon, 

There is no reason to be bashful about a concern such as this, we hear this type of complaint quite often. 

Depending on the diagnosis (acne, pseudofolliculitis, keratosis pilaris, etc.), differing therapies may be recommended. Red and/or tender pustules or bumps could be acne, whereas small red bumps with or without rough white tops may be keratosis pilaris (KP).

Various acne therapies that can be prescribed by a board certified dermatologist that may be best for this body area are topical benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, and tazarotene. In general, patients can have success with topical lotions containing alpha and/or beta hydroxy acids such as lactic acid or glycolic acid. An over the counter option, like AmLactin, which contains lactic acid may help to smooth and moisturize skin and prevent the bumps. Prescription topicals are also available and vary depending on physician preferences and patient sensitivities. 

For harder to treat cases that may involve scarring or dark marks, we use chemical peels to treat and improve the more unique skin areas that others may not have realized could have been done in the past. When patients think of chemical peels they often assume they are only applicable to the face to treat and improve skin tone, texture, dark marks, and acne, but we often treat the back, chest, bikini areas, back of the thighs, and more. 

I would suggest that your first step should be having a candid discussion with your board certified dermatologist, and don't be shy to share your concerns with a provider when they truly do bother you!

As always, wear sunscreen and best of luck to you.


Jeanine Downie, MD