Can 3D nipple reconstruction affect implants?

Is it possible for the needles to penetrate the breast implant? If the answer is yes, is medical tattooing safer? For me, it sounds like is the same thing, but doctors would probably not tattoo areolas if this was the case. Were you informed about the risks?


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This depends on the type of reconstruction that’s being done; either 3D nipple reconstruction by a traditional artist or by micropigmentation. Lots of women usually go for the traditional methods like flap reconstruction but these could result in the implants being exposed to air and so they could be removed when that happens. I spoke to a plastic surgeon once who explained to me that the skin is usually thin and tight following the use of implants and tattooing this sensitive region could possibly penetrate into the implant cavity and result in a disaster. It’s sad to think about a woman who caught an infection from this very procedure and needed to undergo even more surgery to correct it.

3D nipple reconstruction by micropigmentation is relatively safer since it only bases the ink on a superficial level of the breast and not as deep as the traditional artist. This lets the ink simply absorb into the skin without the risk of damaging the implants and with a touch up every few years, you’ll be good to go!

I recently underwent a mastectomy and had my breasts reconstructed. The final part of the process was to have my nipples reconstructed. I decided to my nipples reconstructed using 3d tattooing. One of my concerns was with how the tattoo needles would affect my implants. My implants were placed underneath my muscles. Because there were several layers of skin and fat between my reconstructed breasts and muscles, there would be no issue.

While the chances of tattoo needles affecting implant reconstruction are low, it is still a possibility. I was told that it would be a different story if I had thin breast tissue and little fat. I suggest consulting with your doctor before seeking the services of a tattoo artist. I scheduled an appointment with my physician before visiting a tattoo artist that focuses on reconstruction. My doctor gave me an examination to determine if I was completely healed and in good condition to undergo reconstruction.

I had my left nipple fixed, and I had saline implants at the time. My doctor reassured me ahead of schedule that it was a perfectly safe procedure for me to undergo, and there was a very small chance anything would go wrong. From the way my doctor talked, I was under the impression that how safe it is to get nipple work with breast implants depends on what exactly needs to be done. I had an inverted nipple, and I was lucky enough to have the type that can be easily treated with a surgical stretching method. If my nipple had been the other type that has to be treated with a dividing method, I’m not sure if I could have safely had the surgery. You should talk to a doctor about what you need done and if it is safe to attempt with breast implants.

I have breast implants, and I had 3D nipple reconstruction last year. The specialist uses very small needles for the procedure and does not go deep enough into your skin to penetrate your new breast implants. If you decide to get a medical tattoo, which is one-dimensional in appearance, instead of a 3D tattoo, know that your risks are the same. My nipple reconstruction specialist told me that there is always the risk of infection in both procedures. As long as your nipple reconstruction is performed in a sterile environment and by an experienced, certified specialist, your procedure should go well.

I completely understand your concern and you are asking good questions. Both 3D nipple reconstruction and nipple tattooing are safe procedures and won’t affect your implants. If you are talking about a complete nipple reconstruction, that’s done by a surgeon with small incisions around the nipple. I’m a breast cancer survivor and got the 3D nipple tattoo. It’s very cool! The whole procedure took about 3 hours and the tattoo artist was amazing. The work is so good sometimes I forget that they are just tattoos. You can also get pigment injections around your nipples, so it depends on what your needs are.

When I had my breast reconstruction surgery, my surgeon reassured me that it would be safe to get tattoos. It turns out that the implant sits way beneath several layers of fat and skin, while the tattoo needle just goes into the second layer of skin. However, there is a slight risk if all the fat underneath your skin was removed during the surgery and breast reconstruction. You might want to chat with your plastic surgeon before you get a tattoo. I'm not sure what the wait time is for medical tattooing, but my tattoo artist told me that he normally asks customers to wait at least three months after reconstructive surgery before getting 3D nipple reconstruction to ensure that everything is healed.