Are you happy with your arm lift results?

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I've tried exercising to tone my upper arms but with no real results. From what I understand, arm lift surgery is the safest way to get the best and most effective outcome. However, I've read a few negative reviews from people who were not satisfied with the end results. How can I avoid bad results?


F, 59, Maryland

Same here, i even do not know when my arm wings happened, I am sure i did not have them before i just realized one year back they were there. I booked myself at Forme clinic in Czechia after my friend had recommended it. I had million questions to my surgeon about the scarring because i never really wanted to have some on my body. So i got finally courage and underwent the surgery 3 months ago. It was good experience and honestly the scars are under my arms so they are not visible even when wearing sleeveless tops. Of course when i put my arms up the scars are there, but i do not do it much anyway. It looks good and heals well and it was told me that the scars should be fading with i am happy and was worth for sure.