Are you happy with your arm lift results?

I've tried exercising to tone my upper arms but with no real results. From what I understand, arm lift surgery is the safest way to get the best and most effective outcome. However, I've read a few negative reviews from people who were not satisfied with the end results. How can I avoid bad results?


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I am extremely happy with the results of my arm lift. I tried to minimize the risk of bad results before the procedure. I extensively researched my plastic surgeon before I scheduled any appointments at all. Once I found the surgeon that was right for me, I made the appointment for a consultation. During that appointment, I made absolutely sure that he understood exactly what I wanted. After we discussed everything, he told me all of the post-surgery instructions that I needed to follow and I followed them to the letter because I was so nervous about getting bad results, just like you are. Once all the swelling and bruising subsided, I could really see just how great my results were! In some cases, there are other surgeries that are needed to complete the entire procedure. It’s important to make sure that the surgeon gets the job done correctly because you are the one spending the money to get surgery. It is your arms and you are going to have this scar for the rest of your life, so you need to make sure your arm lift looks exactly like you want it to. Following your surgeons post-op instructions will definitely help get better results but don’t be scared or nervous to request revisions.

I would be cautious to approach an arm lift with the intention of weight loss. Actual weight loss is the key here. Myself, the reason for my arm lift is I lost a tremendous amount of weight in a short time with a gastric banding. So I wasn't having weight and fat chopped off my arms. All of that fleshy extra skin that wouldn't have budged an inch no matter how much I exercised had to go. No surgical procedure is really ""safe,"" at least when compared to natural weight loss.

I'm not sure how much extra weight you've got to lose. If you can, I would approach a natural solution. You mentioned exercising, but you didn't mention how much. You've got to make the fitness regimen a part of your lifestyle. Work with a professional who can help you work the specific areas that you want. I've been working with my trainer for 2 years now. Find the right relationship and you'll find yourself in a great place. Approach the issue from its roots, rather than drastic corrective measures, if you can.

I was in the exact same boat as you, excess skin & excess fat on my upper arms. Tank tops and short sleeves were out of the question. I finally took the plunge and booked my procedure. It's been over a year now and i'm still completely in love with my results! I wouldn't say that it was a massive amount of weight loss, but I had lost a moderate amount of weight. No amount of weight training would tone up my arms and help me lose my sagging skin. Even after getting to my goal weight, I was still self conscious when wearing sleeveless shirts. Now, I feel like I can look good in anything.

I would suggest doing a lot of research into plastic surgeons that you like. Read all of their reviews that you can find, meet with them in person several times before the surgery to ask all your questions about the procedure, and look at lots of their before and after pictures. When looking at before and after pictures, make sure to look at ones that depict your body type and show what kind of results you want. Some people go into the procedure with unrealistic expectations and end up disappointed with even good results. Have realistic expectations, and don't expect a miracle worker. I'm happy with my procedure and I'm sure you'll be happy with yours too if you manage to find the right plastic surgeon for you!

Once you have loose skin from weight loss, arm lift surgery really is the best option for getting rid of the bat wing look. I was concerned about results too, but I am happy to say I'm satisfied with my arm lift results. The only thing that I wasn't really prepared for was that the scar is a bit more obvious than I expected. People can tell that I've had surgery, and I was kind of hoping that no one would know. However, your results will depend on your specific surgery that you undergo. Some people have much smaller scars than I do. But I will also say that even if I had known about the extent of the scarring in advance, I would have gone ahead with the procedure anyway because I really am happier with my tighter, thinner upper arms.

An arm lift procedure is really not ideal for a weight loss or as a toning measure. It is a procedure for people who are/were obese and have lost tremendous amounts of weight in a short amount of time through things like gastric bypass and gastric banding. Its more of a body contouring procedure, than a way to loose weight. Rapid massive weight loss creates excess folds of skin that are trimmed off during the procedure.

You didn't indicate how much exercise you have been doing. Real commitment to weight loss through finding a real passion for athletic activity is going to be what you're looking for. I've found that those who exercise simply to satisfy aesthetic desires are rarely doing enough to produce results because they're wanting to quit the entire time if they don't see immediate results. Try cross fit. Try Ido Portal Method. If you haven't already, commit to regular workouts with a trainer at your gym who will give you concrete advice for meeting your goals.

Same here, i even do not know when my arm wings happened, I am sure i did not have them before i just realized one year back they were there. I booked myself at Forme clinic in Czechia after my friend had recommended it. I had million questions to my surgeon about the scarring because i never really wanted to have some on my body. So i got finally courage and underwent the surgery 3 months ago. It was good experience and honestly the scars are under my arms so they are not visible even when wearing sleeveless tops. Of course when i put my arms up the scars are there, but i do not do it much anyway. It looks good and heals well and it was told me that the scars should be fading with i am happy and was worth for sure.