Can I have an arm lift and breast lift at the same time?

Do doctors do arm lifts and breast lift simmultaneously? I'd like to avoid having two recoveries. I need the arm lift more right now, but it would be ideal if I could combine these two into one surgery.


F, 40, Virginia

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Yes, I had both done 17 Dec 2018, 3 weeks ago. I am 65 yrs old, never smoked, non-diabetic, generally good health, had lost 100 pounds in a year after diagnosis of celiac disease and 140 pound from lifetime high. Twenty pounds above goal weight which doctor said was likely mostly or all skin. Reported for surgery 6:30 am, under anesthesia about 7:15, 5 1/2 hrs of surgery, left for home at 4:30. Pain first 48 hrs was severe, but Oxycodone (Vicodin) managed it. Slept, woke from pain, took meds, got helped to bathroom, drank water and high protein drink, and went back to sleep, to repeat every 4 hrs. Day 3 was better, but still needed the Oxycodone. Changed to Hydrocodone (Percocet) on day 4, was able to go to the store but pain got worse (from gravity?) after about 30 minutes so cut it short. As the pain eased the most persistent sensation was that I had an underside bra on that was at least 3 sizes too small that I couldn't get off. Lived and slept in recliner until about day 10, with pillows under arms. Took a 4 day vacation that involved slow strolling with solicitors husband, daughters, son in law and grandchildren, and did fine on remaining hydrocodone at half dose. Did have some shoulder, neck and upper back cramps from lack of regular muscle use that needed to be massaged out. Went back to work (psychotherapist) at day 16, first day 4 hrs, next day 6, then 8. At my age, anesthesia and surgery effects seem to take longer to get full energy back. Sleeping in bed continued more comfortable sleeping in nest of pillows with arms slightly up and out - the armpits are the most uncomfortable, tight and incisions rub against each other. Very soft fabrics are a must. When doctor says you can, I found keeping incisions very moisturized at all times with intense hydration lotion has helped the tight/pulling/itching feelings. What's been the best is foot cream, of all things! Doesn't wear off on clothes as easily, lasts a long time, and really gets in and stays in skin. I am extremely pleased with emerging results, never bruised but still have some swelling and a few tiny scabs in incisions, which are less red now and in a few areas turning white. Looking forward to abdominoplasty and thigh lift in a few months, which will be more challenging, but I did this one first so I could learn and be better prepared for the harder one. I would say without reservation that the two together were well worth everything in time, pain, and money.


Yes, it's possible to have both an arm lift and a breast lift at the same time. It's a really good idea to combine everything to avoid multiple recovery times. Anesthesia is anesthesia. You'll feel like you've been hit by a truck afterward whether you've been under for one hour or four hours. I didn't have both at once, but I did have a breast lift and I can say that the recovery was only bad for the first 3-4 days. I got plenty of rest and actually found it to be quite relaxing. Some much needed mental and emotional downtime was one of the biggest blessings I had with my recovery. Best of luck to you.

 Do you actually think a surgeon might do those two together even if the insurance only approving the brachioplasty? My surgeon is performing the brachioplasty on me in a few weeks. I have really sagging breasts and it would be wonderful to have them done at the same time. when the moment comes of the surgery and he actually takes a looked at my whole body, I hope that he makes the right decision and does both procedures together.

Hi there. Yes, it is possible to have both an arm lift and a breast augmentation. You mentioned the recovery time is harsh and to have to schedule that out of your life two times wouldn't make much sense. There are a couple of people on youtube who have documented their experiences with arm lifts and breast augmentations. I didn't watch the whole video myself, but what I got from the beginning is that it's a pretty standard procedure. You're dealing with surgical procedures in similar areas so the two kindof naturally go together. I can't really tell you what the combined recovery time expectation of your procedure would be, but I can say that I have been under general anesthesia for 7 hours in one go. There were some complications. I was no worse for the wear though. Popped the pain meds, and enjoyed a 5 day Netflix binge! My husband says that my pain tolerance is higher than average though. ;-)

After I lost 120 pounds, I wanted to have the same two plastic surgery procedures done at the same time as well. I was really hoping that I could reduce cost and recovery time involved with a double procedure, but my surgeon advised me that it was safer to have the procedures done separately. This opinion was mostly based on my age though, (I'm 62,) so if you are young, your surgeon may have a different answer. I am also told that your weight and health can have an impact on whether or not a doctor will do an arm lift and breast lift at the same time. Of course, if your doctor refuses, you can try another one for a different opinion, but bear in mind that your own safety and health should take precedence over cost and recovery time. I hope that you are able to get the procedures you want!

Not a good idea to get an arm lift and a breast lift at the same time. I decided not to get these two surgeries at the same time after consulting with my plastic surgeon. He told me that the incisions from each lift would actually cross each other during the surgery which would create an issue for the surgical team. My plastic surgeon actually recommended a breast lift with a tummy tuck instead so the incisions would be further away from each other. The recovery time is still the somewhat the same, however. When you try to lift your arm up for the first time, if you feel a pulling or tingling sensation, you need to be extremely careful to not rip a stitch and delay your healing process.

Yes, an arm lift and a breast lift are two procedures that are commonly combined. However, combining two procedures is more dangerous than a routine single procedure as you have to be under general anesthesia for longer. If you decide to combine the procedures, make sure you have an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who has plenty of experience in both arm lifts, breast lifts, and performing multiple surgeries in one session. It's really important that riskier cosmetic procedures be performed by people who know what they are doing for your own safety.