Does an arm lift laser surgery provide satisfying results?

The arm lift laser surgery is not as "non-invasive" as I initially thought, but it still looks like a better option than a traditional arm lift. The punch holes in which the doctor inserts the tumescent aneasthesia and the laser cannula look terrifing to me. However, I'd give it a try if I know that I'll end up with beautiful triceps. Were your results good?


F, 54, Massachusetts

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I was very happy with my final results. You're right - the laser surgery option isn't as invasive or involved as a full arm lift procedure that surgically removes loose skin. I didn't really need a full arm lift because I wasn't really overweight and I've had a stable weight for years. So weight loss was not at the center of my excess skin issue. I work out and try to eat well, but nothing I did on my own really changed the bit of excess fat on the lower part of my upper arm. I come from a long line of women with big arms, so I'm pretty sure it's just the way the genetic lottery worked for me. The laser procedure was great - it not only burned away unwanted fat, it also tightened the remaining skin so that the profile of my arms is normal with some slight sculpting. I only have a small scar near each elbow, and those scars are very minor and hardly noticeable.

Your situation sounds a lot like mine. I was looking for a noninvasive way to reduce the size of my arms. I'm a 47-year-old woman, and my arms were 32 inches in diameter. I was very unhappy with how large my upper arms were. I tried a bunch of creams and exercises, but I couldn't get my arms in shape. I saw a plastic surgeon for a free consultation. After the surgeon examined my upper arms and reviewed my health history, he recommended laser liposuction for a noninvasive upper arm lift. The liposuction was easy to recover from, and the scars were minimal. I finally lost inches in my upper arms, and now my upper arms look more muscular and fit. I recommend the laser upper arm lift. You can get surprisingly satisfying results if your arms have enough skin elasticity.

My results were excellent. I chose laser surgery over the normal arm lift surgery specifically because of the reduced scarring and recovery time, and it paid off big time. My arms are tight, and I don't have any more issues with sagging skin. My scarring isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I personally have a huge fear of surgery, so going with something less invasive, even if just a little, made the experience much better for me. I would absolutely recommend giving it a shot over any kind of traditional plastic surgery.

My upper arms were larger than I wanted and I had excess sagging skin. I saw a plastic surgeon to get a professional opinion and to see some before and after photos of surgical arm lifts and liposuction arm lifts. I was really impressed with the photos that my surgeon was able to show me. My surgeon determined that I didn't have enough elasticity in my upper arms to achieve the results that I wanted with the laser liposuction alone. He recommended that I have the liposuction combined with a surgical arm lift.

I had the combination surgery completed, and I am so happy with my upper arms. Before the surgery, I was too embarrassed to wear tank tops, strapless gowns or even tightly fitting short-sleeved tops, but now I confidently show my arms. I recommend that you see a plastic surgeon to have your arms examined. If you have enough elasticity, go for the laser lipo! If you don't have enough elasticity, I encourage you to consider having the combination surgery because my results have been life-changing.