Experience with an Arm Lift

 I'm almost 46 years old and for the longest time I have hated my 'wings,' or the fat under my arms. I have contemplated having arm lift surgery but am extremely nervous. I'm not sure if I'd prefer the scars over my arm fat. Can someone please tell me what their experience with this procedure was and if they thought it was worth it? Thank you for your help. 

Experience with an Arm Lift, submitted image.


F, 47, Connecticut

Based on your pictures, the procedure would entail a component of liposuction and skin removal by a liner scar. The key modification of the procedure is where that scar is placed. When your arm is in the position as seen in the picture, my preference is to hide the scar on the underside of your arm. By doing that the only time the scar may possibly be seen is if I am walking behind you and even then is subtle.

If the scar is place in the groove of the muscle which is higher up, the scar is very difficult to hide. Be sure the location is clear prior to undergoing the surgery.

Let me start off by saying your excess skin under your arm is not nearly as bad as mine was. My story is a bit more extreme than yours. 

After being overweight for the majority of my life, 5 years ago I lost 120 pounds. I was happy I had finally worked off the weight after a very strict diet and exercise plan (I did not have gastric bypass, lap band surgery, etc.) but was left with a lot of excess skin that seemed to hang down everywhere. I met with several plastic surgeons in Westchester County, NY, and NYC and ultimately decided to have a tummy tuck, breast lift and arm lift. The first procedure I had was a tummy tuck and breast lift that were performed at the same time. The second procedure I had was an arm lift. For me, the arm lift was the least painful of my surgeries but I was extremely satisfied with the results. I was left with a scar that at first was very red but was not visible when my arms were down. After 2 years and a religious scar treatment plan, my scars were nearly unnoticeable. I now love the way my arms look and the way I feel. My arms are now much firmer and look so much smaller. I'm very happy I decided to get an arm lift. 

If the excess skin under your arms bothers you as much as it bothered me, the scars will be well worth it. 


I have been contemplating the same procedure, can you tell me how long the recovery period is for the arm surgery? time needed off work etc..

Thank you!