Is it safe to have an arm lift and a breast augmentation together?

Is it safe to have an arm lift and a breast augmentation at the same time? The anesthesia will have to go through my body for longer than usual. Could that create any problems? I want to make sure that I'm not putting myself at risk, especially for a cosmetic reason.


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Certain types of procedures can be combined together, but certain ones are not recommended to be combined. It is safe to have an arm lift and a breast augmentation at the same time. In fact, it’s often a really good combination to have these two surgeries at the same time. The combination of these procedures will place you under general anesthesia for quite a while, so I would definitely make sure that you talk to you surgeon to make sure she has someone there that is certified in anesthesiology to make sure everything goes according to the plan.

Combining these surgeries saved me time, more than anything. I really did not want to spend a long time under anesthesia and I did not want to keep having to come back for appointment after appointment, so getting it all done at once just made so much sense to me.

It’s important to remember that it’s okay to have the arm lift and the breast augmentation together, not a breast lift. Getting the arm lift and the breast lift together creates a really big problem because the incisions are around the same area, which means that the surgical areas are going to overlap and possibly cross each other. This increases the risk of something going wrong therefore most surgeons will not recommend getting these two performed together. I was in surgery about six hours in total. My recovery time was about the same though as it would have been if in for just one of the surgeries.

When you have any kind of plastic surgery and are under general anesthesia, you're putting yourself at risk. You would think that the fewer surgeries you can have the better. However, you are correct about the duration of the anesthesia potentially being a problem. I had a tummy tuck and an arm lift at the same time without any bad effects from the anesthesia, but I have heard that whether or not double surgeries are safe can depend on factors like age and weight. Some doctors refuse to do two surgeries at once, and it is likely that if they do so there's a good reason. I think you should get a consultation and find out what your surgeon thinks based on your current weight and health to see if you can get an arm lift and breast augmentation at the same time. My surgeon had no qualms about my double procedure request, so you could be in luck!

I imagine that it's possible, but then again I don't know your exact situation. That's going to be a question for your doctor. I imagine that it depends on the issue that each of the two separate procedures is addressing. I've been under general anesthesia for 3 hours during a cosmetic procedure. The surgery was supposed to take 90 minutes, but there were complications. I felt like I had been positively hit by a train after it. I can't say whether I would have felt any better had it taken only 90 minutes. But then again, there are cases in which the patient is under anesthesia for like 10 hours! So, that being said, I couldn't tell ya, but it's a really good idea to see if you can have them both done together. You could also consider getting two opinions. One doc might feel they're best done separately, another might be all about combining procedures.

Sure, it's been done. When you consider the folks who are under anesthesia for 10+ hour open heart surgeries, the combination arm lift procedure and breast augmentation that you mentioned is a cinch. I've seen a couple of people on youtube who have documented their experience with dual procedures. Their responses were positive, from what I recall. The incisions and the "working area" are going to be in similar places so really, the procedures are connected. It's a good idea, and a qualified doctor would be happy to help you figure out a plan that works for you.

Depending on which plastic surgeon you go to, an arm lift and a breast augmentation could definitely be performed during the same surgical procedure. However, it will be safest if you don't have a lot of excess skin. Depending on your circumstances, it may be safer to do an arm lift with minimal incisions.

If you decide to do both procedures together, make sure to go to a plastic surgeon experienced in both areas and who has a great record. It is inherently riskier to combine cosmetic surgeries as you have to be under anesthesia for longer, but it does save money and cut down on total recovery time, as opposed to doing both procedures separately.

I would suggest that you talk to a plastic surgeon to decide if having multiple procedures at once is safe for you when taking into account what results you want to achieve and your past medical history.