Is there any arm lift cream that works?

I'll probably end up having an arm lift laser surgery but I want to find out if there's any easier way to lift and tighten the skin under my arms. I hope that mine isn't too stretched already to be able to do anything about it.


F, 54, Massachusetts

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I've tried several different products over the years to try to improve the elasticity and tone of the skin on my upper arms because I hate the way it sags and looks flabby no matter how what exercises I do. The latest cream I tried was the Perlier Pomegranate Arm Lift Cream and I didn't notice any drastic difference or improvement in the appearance of the skin of my arms or tone of my upper arms. It did make my skin very soft and the surface of my skin felt smooth and hydrated, but as soon as I lifted my arms above elbow height, I could still see the loose and flabby skin that I hate. Honestly, I don't know if there is any cream which will live up to its promise of getting rid of the underarm sagginess. I am starting to seriously consider plastic surgery, and I want to join a gym.

I had a lot of hanging arm fat, and I tried lots of different creams and that focused entirely on my arms. I didn't get any true results from the cream, which I wanted to tighten the skin. I did see benefits from exercise, which reduced some of the fat and strengthened my muscles. After months of trying creams and exercising, I still had sagging, fat upper arms. I wanted to avoid having an arm lift surgery because I didn't want a scar, and I tried to avoid the expense. So, I saw a plastic surgeon and asked for some options.

My plastic surgeon recommended that I try liposuction first. Liposuction without arm lift surgery is an option when your skin has enough elasticity to spring back into place and firm up around the newly absent fat. I'm 45, and my doctor said that I had the right amount of skin elasticity after his initial exam. A lot of plastic surgeons have free consultations. You should see one who specializes in arm lifts, liposuction and/or body sculpting to find out if they recommend liposuction for your situation. I am pleased with the way my arms have tightened up after having the liposuction.

I was looking for some skin tightening body creams awhile back too, and I found a few that worked for me. It sucks, but you will most likely need to explore laser surgery as an option if these creams don't work. After how successful they were for me (and if you can try to combine a few at a time), I think you will come to find that your arms will tighten up in no time.

The creams are: Jergens Skin Firming; Aveeno Firming Body Lotion; Philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion.

They are all pretty inexpensive, with the Philosophy cream costing me about 26 dollars. None are hard to find, (I can get them at pretty much any large beauty product store where I live in New York) and I'm sure that Amazon carries most of them.

I couldn't find an anti aging arm cream that could lift my skin and remove fat. According to my plastic surgeon, there isn't any such miracle cream. I did expect some sagging skin after losing weight, but my arms were so embarrassing to me. I chose to have arm lift surgery combined with liposuction. I'm pleased with my results. My plastic surgeon recommended liposuction to remove pockets of fat and an arm lift to remove the heavy skin and reshape my arms since the elasticity of my skin was too far gone and stretched to perform liposuction alone.

The arm lift also removed a lot of the stretch marks that I had running down the inside of my arms from weight gain. I'm so happy with the reshaping of my upper arms. My skin no longer looks sagging and stretched, and the scar is easy to hide with most short-sleeved shirts because it lies just underneath my arm. My doctor gave me a prescription cream and recommended some other options to help the scar to fade. Exercising and proper skincare are also options that will help you prepare for surgery.