What treatment is best for an arm lift scar revision?

I had my excess arm skin removed last year and my doctor thinks that everything looks good, but I still want to get rid of the scars from the arm lift surgery. Would Fraxel Laser have any effect on my scars or do I need scar revision surgery? I'd prefer to avoid surgery but if I have no choice, I'll go with that.


F, 59, Connecticut

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I had a similar issue with scar tissue. I really didn’t like my scarring, and after going over my options, I was super skeptical of Fraxel since it supposedly just speeds up your “natural healing process,” which, considering how expensive it can get, put me off. After looking at more surgeries, though, I absolutely didn’t want to undergo another surgical procedure, so I bit the bullet and went for Fraxel. It really worked for me! After my third visit, I noticed that my scarring was reduced by a lot, and once I went in for my final visit, it almost looked like there wasn’t anything at all on my arms. It was amazing! So, I would definitely recommend getting Fraxel done, even just to avoid surgery.

I had arm lift surgery, and I was initially self-conscious about my scars. I got plastic surgery to look good, but the new scars really annoyed me. My doctor gave me a cream to help reduce the redness. The cream did a good job. If your scars are red, you may benefit from laser treatments which can help to lighten the scars. When I first saw the doctor about my scars, I asked about scar revision surgery. My doctor said to try the creams first, and if they didn't work, he recommended a laser resurfacing treatment. The laser would restructure the scars and reduce their appearance. If you're unsatisfied with your scars, I think the laser treatment might be the way to go. After having the surgery and reducing the size of my arms, I just wanted to enjoy short-sleeved tops, tank tops and time at the beach. I'm sure you feel the same way. The weight loss and then the surgery was a long time coming and I just wanted to look and feel my very best. I hope you find the answers you are seeking.

One of the toughest parts of deciding to move forward with arm lift surgery is knowing that you will live with large scars on your arms for the rest of your life. Depending on your surgeon and how they performed the surgery, your scars could be on the inside of your arm, from armpit to elbow, or could be along the back of your arm or even between the biceps and the triceps. Some surgeons will mark your where the scars will be on your arms with a permanent marker in the days before surgery just so you can adjust to the idea of having scars before the surgery takes place.

If you have red scars, laser treatment may help to lessen the redness over time. But if your scars are prominent or raised, laser treatment will not do much to improve the appearance. Topical treatments and surgical revisions are also options that you could discuss with your plastic surgeon. Ask for their opinion or for a referral to a specialist for laser treatment.

I had arm lift surgery. I know that everyone scars differently. My scars faded gradually from bright red to barely noticeable. Give yourself time to heal and ask your plastic surgeon for a cream to help with the healing. My doctor told me before the surgery that I could have a laser treatment to improve the scars if they were too dark. I think that scar revision surgery is only necessary when the incision forms a thick scar that looks jagged or is raised. I know there are solutions available. If your surgeon doesn't specialize in laser scar reduction treatments, find one that does.