What's the best solution for an arm lift with no scar tissue?

I'd want a minimal incision type of surgery or to avoid surgery altogether in order to lift the skin on my upper arms. Would that be possible? Any recommendations? I don't have large bat wings, in case it helps.


F, 54, Massachusetts

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The size and length of your scar will be dependent on how big of an incision your plastic surgeon has to make, and you're really not going to know how big that's going to be until you have a consultation. In some cases, where only a small incision needs to be made, most of the scar tissue will be hidden in your arm pit and on the inside of your arm. My personal experience was that I only needed an incision around two inches long, and it is usually not visible at all, except when I lift my arms in a tank top. However, depending on how much excess skin and fat you need removed, this may not be your case. Since you say that you don't have very large bat wings, I would imagine that your scarring would be fairly minimal and easy to hide, but you should definitely discuss these concerns with your plastic surgeon at your consultation to avoid being disappointed by the end results. In the end, your surgeon knows that you are getting this surgical procedure to look good, and she/he will do everything in their power to avoid side effects like scaring. Good luck with your surgery!

There’s an option for a minimally invasive surgery. My doctor called it the “hidden scar” arm lift. People who get this type of surgery do not have a ton of loose arm skin to get rid of, so you will probably be a really fit for it. With this type of surgery, the plastic surgeon places the scar inside of the armpit instead of from the armpit all the way down to the elbow. This minimizes the appearance of the scar and no one will be able to tell that you’ve had any work done at all. I have to literally show people the scar itself before they will believe that I had an arm lift. I am really pleased with the results and I’m glad I chose to have my procedure done this way instead of the traditional way.

I wanted a small incision type of procedure to avoid all the cuts. However, I knew that scars were part of the procedure so I was ready for the scars when I decided to get surgery. I did a few things to help reduce the scars and incisions. After the procedure, I used to do simple scar massages on the part that was cut. Massaging and applying products to the healed scar helped me improve its appearance. It helped break up the scar tissue and made the scar as fine as possible. Hydrating was helpful too. My doctor also advised me to avoid direct sunlight on the scars to help speed up the healing process.

Well, an arm lift is an arm lift, and that's going to require an incision. Not sure if it can be done without SOME scar tissue. That would be a specialized question that only your plastic surgeon can answer. What I can say though, is that the market is full of products-- creams and gels and such to minimize scar tissue so it really can't be seen at all. I think even acupuncture can help with scarring. I have had an upper arm lift procedure and I was also concerned about having large noticeable scars all up and down my arms. I'm really pleased to say that my doctor did a great job. I had the full arsenal of anti-scarring over-the-counter products after my arm lift surgery. I tried them all to the point where I'm not sure which of them worked the best, or if it was the sheer combination of all of them, lol. I think you'll be fine. It's a great, relatively safe procedure that really helped me with my self-esteem.

I've heard that it's possible to have a type of plastic surgery done where the only incision is made in your armpit area, BUT obviously, only certain people are good candidates for this option. The ones who really only have loose skin to remove in an isolated area. I wanted to avoid having long scars on my arms, so I asked my doc about doing the procedure through my armpit. I was advised against it because it really wouldn't have worked for me. I don't feel like any of the new scars that I have are noticeable. You won't look like Frankenstein, honey. Medical technology has come quite a long way and really, these days scarring is a non-issue when done right. But then again, perhaps you're a good candidate for the armpit incision option. It doesn't hurt to ask the doc. Only he or she can answer that accurately. Cheers.

There are many plastic surgeons who offer an arm lift with only a small incision so that the scar is much less noticeable. It is called a transverse brachioplasty. With this procedure, the scar is usually in the underarm area so it's a lot more subtle. This might be a good option for you. Unfortunately, if you want great results on an arm lift procedure, it is hard to completely avoid new scars. Another big part of reducing scaring is following post procedure instructions. Avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting to minimize visible scars. You can also use over the counter creams for scar treatment.