Who qualifies for an arm lift with an armpit incision?

I don't want to have an extended incision from my armpits to my elbows, even on the inside of my upper arms. I've done some digging and it seems like it's possible to have an arm lift with just an armpit incision, but I don't know what candidates qualify for this kind of surgery. Does it just address the skin directly under the underarms or the overall appearance of the upper arm, too?


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People who can get an inner arm lift with an armpit incision are people who are in overall good health and have had a stable weight over the last year. Many people, like myself, want an arm lift because they lost a substantial amount of weight and their skin looks saggy afterward. I lost over 100 pounds and I had an arm lift done to correct my “bat wings.” I was able to get the surgery with the armpit incision because my skin wasn’t as saggy as some others. The incision is very well hidden and can only be seen if I actually show the scar myself. The procedure really offers dramatic results. My upper arms really do look more toned and younger looking and I’m thankful that I don’t have a huge scar running down my arm. If your skin isn’t terribly sagging, I don’t see why you wouldn’t qualify for the surgery. Schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon and they will get you started on your journey to a new you!

The length and placement of the incision for arm lift surgery is going to depend on how long of a lift you need. Most people who have lost a lot of weight in a short span of time will qualify for the surgery. For instance, I lost 100 pounds over the last two years, and I was really unhappy with the excess skin that I had on my upper arms. The plastic surgeon that I saw for my consultation said that I definitely qualified for plastic surgery. But if you simply don't like your arms, and you don't have excess fat or loose skin in that area, you may not qualify for an arm lift procedure. A consultation is really the best way to find out if you qualify or not. You can also get advice on the probable size and placement of the incisions. My surgery involved an incision that was not all the way to my elbow, but it was more than just my armpit.

The short answer is yes, it is possible to have an arm lift with just an armpit incision. However, it is rare that a candidate qualifies for that. We, the people on this forum, won't be able to tell you if you qualify, that is a question that only a board certified plastic surgeon can answer for you after a thorough examination and a complete work up. I also made this inquiry before I had my procedure done, but alas, I was not a good candidate. Really, those who do qualify have their extra folds of skin mostly in the armpit area. An incision in the armpit area is not going to reach all of the excess skin that might hang from the entire upper arm. Surely it's better to have the arm reshaped fully through the best technique for your body, rather than pushing for an incision that is as small as possible and won't give you the results that you need. Hope this helps.

Good candidates that qualify for arm lift procedures have less flesh to remove, and only in the armpit area. If you are not an ideal candidate, you will need to undergo another form of arm lift. Armpit incision can only reach so far. Worrying about the scarring and insisting on an armpit incision might leave you with minimal results. I talked to a gal who was able to get by with just an armpit incision for her upper armlift, and she was satisfied with her results, but then again, she was not heavily overweight from the get-go and really didn't have much arm skin to remove. So, as a non-expert, I can say that it's case by case. You'll need to get medical opinions to really know what your options are. Hope this helps!

I never wanted to have a stretched out cut on my armpits to my elbows, even on my inner arms. I have done some research and it seems to be possible to have an arm lift with only an armpit entry point. I'm going to meet with a plastic surgeon later this week to find out more details. He's certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons so he seems more than qualified to answer this question. I'll try to remember to ask for you and post what he says here.

A small incision for a short scar arm lift is usually considered the best options for people that have loose skin. With large amounts of weight loss (like from bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery, for example), it isn't a recommended option as it won't be nearly as noticeable as a full, traditional arm lift. A procedure like this can definitely affect the overall appearance of the upper arm and usually makes the entire arm look significantly slimmer and more toned.