How long will I need to take off work to recover from Double Eyelid surgery?

I have decided that I am going to have double eyelid surgery and am very excited to get the procedure done. I am just worried that I will not have enough days off from work to fully recover. I would feel embarrassed and awkward if I got comments from co-workers. What is the normal recovery time for this procedure?


F, 34, New York

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I scheduled my procedure while I was on vacation to ensure that I had plenty of time to recover. My recovery involved the use of eye drops and ointments to keep my eyes lubricated. During my recovery period, I also spent time with my head elevated to reduce any swelling, bruising, or even bleeding. I also avoided any strenuous activity. I would highly-recommend 5-7 days to recover. I didn't begin to feel normal until 10 days after the procedure. I would consult your physician and take as much take as required. I'm glad I took the time I needed, my recovery was a lot smoother because of it. I did end up going back to work after a week off from my blepharoplasty surgery but still didn't wear any eye make up for another week and wore glasses instead of my usual contact lenses.

Eyelid surgery requires planning ahead. If you wear contact lenses, you won’t be able to wear them for at least one week after surgery. You also have to avoid strenuous eye activity such as reading and staring at computer screens. I scheduled my Double eyelid surgery, which is upper eyelid and lower eyelid surgery, right before Christmas break, since I knew the office would be closed for two weeks, and I wouldn’t have to go in to work or see my coworkers.

Right after surgery, my eyelids felt dry and tight. They gave me eye drops and ointments to keep my eyelids moisturized. I was not allowed to read or wear my contact lenses during the first week. During my eyelid surgery recovery, all I did was lie in bed to keep the swelling and bruising down, and keep my head elevated. I listened to music and chatted on the phone, or I slept. After about ten days, I felt like everything was back to normal. If I was bright outside, I needed to wear sunglasses for a few weeks following surgery.

Give yourself about two weeks, and plan the surgery around a holiday period. Use your vacation days and weekends to make the most of your time off, and take time to rest!

When I had double eyelid surgery done, it took a little over a week to be able to get back to somewhat of my normal lifestyle. I was definitely not up to do much during the week after surgery so I suggest taking at least 10-15 days off to fully recover. You really won't be able to read or do much of anything besides sleeping following surgery because your eyelids will feel pretty weird. You have to make sure to take care of your eyes as directed by your doctor. Even watching T.V. could be too much stress on your eyes after the surgery. I would say that I was back to normal after about two weeks post-op. Make sure to give yourself enough time to completely heal before going back to work and resuming activities that put a lot of strain on your eyes.

I had Asian eyelid surgery completed to remove the excess skin from my eyelids, and my plastic surgeon recommended that I take a week or two recovery time from work if I wanted to hide the operation from coworkers and acquaintances. I had very tiny incisions made, and the surgery was pain free. Since I had double eyelid surgery, I did have swelling for a short time on both of my upper eyelids that affected my vision the morning after the surgery, but the application of ice help to relieve the swelling, and reduce the bruising. Cold compresses, plenty of rest and following the doctor's recommended restrictions helped me to achieve a very smooth and comfortable recovery. Do not be alarmed if you look in the mirror after the surgery and see a face full of swelling and bruising, it is completely normal. I was able to hide the plastic surgery from my coworkers, and the only remarks I received when I returned to work were comments referring to how refreshed I looked and how beautiful I was.

I had Double Eyelid Surgery in September around Labor Day. I had paired some vacation time with the days they gave me off from work so I had time to recover.

If you were planning to have double eyelid surgery performed, I would recommend that you do it while you are on leave. After the surgery, your eyelids will feel tight. You will need to use eye drops and ointments to keep the eyelids lubricated. 

In the first week after surgery, you shouldn’t engage in strenuous eye activity such as reading or wearing contacts. Honestly, I pretty much slept as much as I could in the first week. I would wake up to take medication and would walk around a bit, but then it was back to bed because there really wasn’t much else to do. In order to keep swelling and bruising down I kept my head elevated during the first few days in bed. I had two firm pillows stacked on top of one another.

By the tenth day, you will feel well enough to resume normal activity. The scars are minimal but you may need to wear dark glasses for a few weeks to protect the eyes from irritation.

All in all, if you are going to have the surgery, I would give yourself at least 2 weeks to fully heal so no one knows you had it done.