Is Asian Eyelid surgery common?

I know that plastic surgery is very common and popular in the Asian pacific. Is Asian Eyelid surgery a common procedure that is being done? What are other popular facial contouring procedures for Asians?


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I can honestly say that looking in the mirror, I was self-conscious about the way my eyelids looked. Being Asian, I don't have the double eyelid, or wide eyes that are viewed as popular in the west. When I went in for my initial consultation, I was told that I was not alone in how I feel. 85% percent of people who seek eyelid surgery are women.

I used to be skeptical when it came to plastic surgery, especially eyelid surgery. However, months after my surgery, I am happy I did it. I have acquired more of a wider eye and double eyelid that has really opened up my face.

Hi, I'm assuming you're Asian, also. I had the eyelid surgery completed last year. My plastic surgeon was able to show me before and after photos from previous clients because this is a common treatment for Asians, more so for women. I was so impressed with the results shown in the photos that I decided to go ahead and schedule the surgery. My plastic surgeon created the upper eyelid fold, which is called Asian eyelid surgery. I'm really thrilled with the results. As far as other popular Asian treatments, my doctor mentioned Asian cheek contouring, Asian jaw contouring and Asian rhinoplasty. My doctor explained that he could enhance my Asian beauty without creating a Caucasian nose or Caucasian features. I'm thrilled with the look I achieved, and I may consider having my jaw contoured at a later time.

Hi I am a Nurse Practitioner in the Greater New York City area that specializes in Asian Eyelid Surgery.

Eyelid surgery is quite common in the Asian community and all other people with most surgeries being performed on about 85% of women. If you feel conscious about your drooping eyelids, this surgery can help to boost your self-esteem. 

If you want to get the surgery done, you should concentrate on finding a board certified plastic surgeon that has a lot of experience in eye surgery. If you want to find the right surgeon, a great way to do it is to read reviews online. Besides that, you can research the surgeons in your area to get the procedure done. Finding a good surgeon is more than just reading their credentials; you want to find someone who has proven results. 

The surgeon you find needs to make you feel comfortable with the procedure they will do no your eyelids. To answer the second part of your question, facial contouring surgery is quite common in the Asian community. It is especially so in Korea, where most young women have the procedure done. In fact, many surgeons from around the world travel to Korea to learn about facial contouring surgery. Whether you just want eyelid surgery or any facial contouring, make sure you find the right surgeon.

Eyelid surgery is more common than you think in Asia and the Asian community. I read somewhere that the correct term is “East Asian blepharoplasty”, but most people just call it Asian Eyelid surgery. My friends from Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan all know someone who has gotten Asian eyelid surgery. I wanted more definition in my eyelid area. I literally have one eyelid straight down with no crease. My friends comment that I look tired or bored, and I decided I wanted my eyes to look more open and defined.

My friend’s mom who lived in China for most of her life told me that eyelid surgery is so common, it is almost like a rite of passage upon graduating from school. Many graduates get this surgery to look more awake and energetic so that they will improve their chances to get a job. Here in the US, most Asian actresses have undergone asian double eyelid surgery, some more noticeable than others.

I researched surgeons in my area, and asked around to find a reputable surgeon that specializes in Asian Eyelid surgery. I found a few surgeons I want to check out, and I have my appointments schedule throughout the next couple of weeks. I want to see actual pictures and results so I know what I am in for.

From personal experience in the medical field, I can say that double eyelid surgery is a fairly common procedure. A majority of the people who receive the surgery are women and it is a popular procedure amongst Asian patients. One of the most important things to consider when thinking about getting eyelid surgery is whether your surgeon is a board-certified plastic surgeon that has experience operating on the eye area. You should research which surgeons your insurance will cover and pick the one with the most experience with this type of procedure. Another typical procedure done within the Asian community is facial contouring. Korea is a popular destination for surgeons who want to perfect facial contouring surgery. Facial contouring surgery is popular among young Asian women.

Hey there! As far as I can see double eyelid surgery is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in Korea, China, and Japan. I know that there's a lot of controversy about people choosing to have it done because of concerns with Western looks kind of taking over the global population but that hasn’t slowed anyone down!

In regards to your second question about what are other common Asian surgeries, I think that most of them are just global. Most of the other plastic surgeries and contouring aren't specifically aim that those of Asian descent like double eyelid surgery is. In general, it's just marketed differently depending on what country you live in. I hope that answered your question!