Is the cost of Asian eyelid surgery different than a normal blepharoplasty?

I came to the United States before I was even 1, and I have very asian facial features. I was thinking about getting my eyelids done to be more Americanized. How much is the cost of Asian Eyelid surgery? Is it different than just a normal blepharoplasty?


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I had Asian eyelid surgery completed earlier this year, which cost $4000. My plastic surgeon explained that there are several ways to complete the procedure, and he chose the best method based on the structure of my eyelids. I had double eyelid surgery and now have permanent eyelid creases, and my eyes are more Americanized; but I still look Asian. I love the look I was able to achieve because I look like a more beautiful me. Non-Asian blepharoplasty costs about the same as the Asian procedure, between 2,000 and 5,000 dollars, but addresses different issues like lifting droopy eyelid skin and reducing puffy bags.

I had my double eyelid surgery done when I was 24, so 3 years ago. At that time my eyelid surgery cost was around $1,500 but I can see now that it costs between $2000 and $4000 depending on where you live. Obviously, that number can change regarding how expensive your plastic surgeon is. That also doesn't include recuperation cost.

I see that a lot of people have already answered your question regarding whether this is different than a regular blepharoplasty. Just to recap it is different because blepharoplasty helps with droopy eyelids, eye bags, and things like that while Asian blepharoplasty is specifically for those of Asian descent who want in eyelid crease.

The surgical procedure takes about an hour, and they only need to use local anesthesia. Depending on how much fat you have around your eyes, the surgeon will recommend either a small incision in the crease to remove fat and some muscle, or a suture inside the eyelids to create permanent creases for a less invasive method. I had to go with the incisions since I mostly had lots of excess skin around my eyelid. I did my research and made sure to get a board certified plastic surgeon to perform the surgery.

Find a surgeon who has operated on Asian patients and ask for before and after photos. Ask them whether they recommend the sutures or incision and ask them about recovery time. This will give you an idea of what to expect. After surgery, I needed two weeks off from school (yay for spring break!). I did experience some pain and some swelling and bruising around the eye. I got different numbers across the board for how much it would cost, anywhere from $2,200 to $4,500. My surgery including prescriptions and camouflage makeup was $3,000. Regular blepharoplasty costs anywhere from $3,500 - $7,000, but this will only be able to fix eyelid problems that come from sagging and aging. For Asians with a mono lid, Asian blepharoplasty is the right choice.

From my research, cities like Los Angeles and New York cost more than local cities, but these surgeons are in demand and are highly experienced. Just do your homework and know what costs are included before you go in for surgery. Good luck!

I was so confused when researching Asian eyelid surgery, which is actually known as Asian blepharoplasty and "double eyelid surgery.” Regular blepharoplasty corrects droopy eyelids due to eye shape, aging, and sagging- it’s for people who already have a crease. Asian blepharoplasty is surgery for Asians who want an eyelid crease, since most Asians have a single eyelid with no crease and upper eyelid and lower eyelid procedure might be needed.

The cost of an eyelid surgery for Asians varies depending on different factors. I should note though that a blepharoplasty is for when an Asian person has only a single eyelid. One factor that determine how much an eyelid procedure costs is the location of the surgery. You will pay more for the procedure if you get it done in a place like New York City, Miami or Chicago. The expertise of the particular surgeon also plays a role in how much you will pay, as more experienced surgeons will be more expensive. You can expect to pay around $3,000 - $5,000 for an Asian blepharoplasty. The most important thing to consider is whether or not your surgeon is a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in this type of procedure.

There are a variety of factors that determine the costs of an Asian blepharoplasty. I had my procedure done in a metropolitan area where the costs tend to be higher. At my consultation, I was told the costs would be between $3,000 and $4,000. I didn't pay more money because I was getting an Asian eyelid surgery as opposed to a normal blepharoplasty. However, I do have a friend who paid more for the procedure because their surgeon specialized in Asian eyelid surgery. I asked about any hidden costs, so I was not surprised by the cost of the procedure. Overall, I am happy with my procedure and have no issue with the $3,500 I paid to undergo it.