Is there such thing as a natural double eyelid?

Are there any non-invasive surgeries that could spawn similar results to double eyelid surgery? I would love to find a way to improve my eyes without having to go under the knife. Any suggestions or is non-invasive for the eye area a scam?


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Most Asians have a single eyelid with no crease. To create eyelids, some use eyelid tape, which is a small piece of curved tape secured to the eyelid with glue. I’ve been taping my eyelids since I was 15. If you’re from Japan, China, South Korea, Etc. and you want to create a crease in your eyelid, you’ve got two choices – Asian blepharoplasty, which is also called Asian eyelid surgery, or non-invasive surgery done with sutures.

If you have puffy single eyelids, surgery is the best option. They make a small incision near your crease and take out excess fat, and some muscle. During my consultation the surgeon told me that you’re a good candidate for sutures if you don’t have very heavy lids or fatty lids, and if you don’t have to wear contacts. If you don’t have either of these conditions, the suture method might be good for you. Just like the actual surgery with incisions, the procedure is done under local anesthesia, but it may not last as long as the incision technique. On the upside, you will heal faster.

From the research that I have done regarding double eyelid surgery (Asian blepharoplasty), I found that there is not much that can compare to having the surgery. I am also not super thrilled about the idea of going under the knife, but it may be the best option. If you are really against having surgery, you could try eyelid tape. What I found from doing some research is that Asian people do not have an eyelid crease, so it looks like they have one eyelid. Some people choose to use eyelid tape to correct this and give themselves the look of a double lid. This is obviously a much more cost efficient method compared to the cost of surgery, but the results will not be the same. Some people have found that after doing this for several months or several years, a double eyelid stays and their problem is fixed. Others, however, find that surgery is the only way to correct the single eyelid problem.

As someone who is averse to surgery, I too wanted to know if there was a way I could get a double eyelid without going under the knife. Instead of going the surgical route, I tried using eyelid tape and eyelid glue to try and create natural double eyelids. I used small curved pieces of tape and adhesive on the corners of my eyes. I did this every day for about 4 months. After the four-month period, the crease I created became permanent. This may not work for everyone. It didn't for a friend who tried the same technique. I’m happy with the results and my friends compliment me on my new look. I'm also thrilled that I could get the results I wanted without going under the knife.

Hi, my name is Tom and I'm a second generation Korean-American. I had the double eyelid surgery done because it is a common treatment for Asians, and my doctor was able to show me the outstanding results he achieved for others. I understand why you would want to avoid surgery, but the recovery was really easy, and the results are outstanding. Before deciding on the surgery, I considered other alternatives and even tried something called eyelid tape. A piece of curved tape was glued to my eyelid to create the appearance of a double eyelid.

Supposedly, the skin on the eyelid will adapt and stay in position even after the tape is removed. Double eyelid tape did not work for me! It kind of reminds me of all of these creams you read about that say they will get rid of your wrinkles but in the end it is just a marketing gimmick. Now that I had the surgery done, I can see that the tape just couldn't do what operation was able to do. I'm thrilled with my new look. I would recommend that you look into surgery with a plastic surgeon who has experience completing the Asian eyelid surgery. If you decide to have the surgery done, request to see before and after photos from previous patients. Choosing the right surgeon for your plastic surgery is important!

I did a little research on this topic, since I am considering getting Double Eyelid Surgery. I am looking into alternatives because I am petrified of surgery. This is a small piece of what I found. I am still skeptical because from what I can tell nothing really compares to surgery… Most Asians, about half of them, have a single eyelid. In short, they do not have a crease in their eyelid. For Asians who want to correct this, there are a number of options. One of the options that have become quite popular is the use of eyelid tape.  It involves taking a small piece of curved tape and fixing in on the eyelid with special glue; the glue is safe and it will not cause any irritation. This tape creates a crease on the eyelid, which turns it into a double eyelid. The best part about this tape is that it is quite cheap compared to getting the surgery.  After use for long periods, the eyelids will adapt to it and you may no longer need to use the tape. For some people, it can work in three months while it can take up to four years for others.  However, this option does not work for everyone. It is especially so for Asians with puffy single eyelids. For them, the best option would be surgery. During surgery, fat is removed from the eyelids, which helps to create the crease needed for the double eyelid appearance.