Blepharoplasty refers to eyelid surgery upper and/or lower.  The first question when considering upper blepharoplasty is the position of the eyebrows. If the brows are low, they contribute more skin to the upper lids. In that case, the brows should be elevated to a more anatomic position, above the orbital rim with the emphasis on the outer 2/3 so that you do not look startled. This may address the majority if not all of the excess upper lid skin or at least minimize that which needs to be removed.

With regard to the lower lids, there may be a component of excess skin and fat (puffiness). Surgeons today are being more conservative with fat removal so that you look more youthful with a softer transition from the cheek to the lower lid versus hollowed out because too much fat was removed. Often, fat is transposed into the valley below the lower lid to smooth out the transition.

This is an out patient procedure typically with a week to a week and a half recovery dependent on how much the individual bruises.

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