Is blepharoplasty painful?

Hi, I'm a forty-years-old IT professional, living in Toronto. Recently I have noticed sagging skin around my eyelids. I am annoyed because I am looking older. I don't want this droopy eyelid as everyone has started noticing it. Last day, I saw an advertisement in a magazine about blepharoplasty, for improving appearance for eyes, from a clinic in Toronto. So I'm planning to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. But I'm worried about surgery. Is this surgery painful? How many follow-up visits are needed after the surgery? Please suggest your views regarding this. Thank you in advance!



F, Ontario

Thank you for your question. Upper or lower eyelid surgery has not generally been described as painful. Rather, patients may feel pressure or tight sensation which resolves with time. Our patients are typically not requiring pain medication after the first day or so after cosmetic eyelid surgery, if needed at all. Read more about eyelid surgery on our blog,



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