Upper eyelid eye surgery

I had upper eye lid eye surgery last May 2017 and I have had NOTHING but problems ever since! Both eyes itch all the time! My right eye DOSE NOT CLOSE ALL THE WAY so I am continually dry and burning in the right eye takes my FOREVER to get rid of the blurriness. The right eye I ended up having to have it stitched 3 times because the stitches kept breaking lose. My face on the right side is NUMB from my forehead to down below my cheek to the end of my nose so I always feel like I have a snotty nose! The scar on the right side is darn near the whole right eye! I am by no means a model or a bathing beauty but I would like to look nice I can't take a shower with out getting shampoo it my darn right eye I can't put Make-up on because of the scar and my eye staying open 24/7! It all around has been a HORRIBLE ADVENTURE! I want my droopy eyes lids BACK! I read some where in this article that it might require more surgery anit NO WAY it is sooooooooooooo messed up now and I don't see how they could fix it and bring back the feeling I was told after the fact after the surgery NOT BEFORE some of the side effects had I known all of the possible side effects I would NOT have had the surgery! So what the HECK can I do NOW?


F, 70, Nevada

Tags:1 week post-op