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Crystal Martin is a writer and regular contributor to The New York Times where she writes about beauty and lifestyle. Her work has also appeared in Women’s Wear Daily, New York Magazine, and Shape among others. After over a decade covering entertainment and beauty, Martin has interviewed luminaries and up-and-comers alike—transforming their words into colorful and engaging features. She resides in New York City.​

Collagen and elastin are two naturally occurring proteins that work together to keep the skin smooth and flexible. The breakdown of these proteins is a common feature of aging tissues, causing structural changes in the epidermis and dermis. While certain cosmetic procedures are rendered ineffective by excessive skin laxity, various treatments may still be performed to give the skin a more supple appearance.…

obalon weight loss

Obalon weight loss balloons restrict the amount of food users can eat, since the balloons take up space in the stomach During clinical trials, participants lost an average of 14.4 pounds The Obalon procedure is most often performed and monitored by gastric bypass physicians What is Obalon? The procedure itself is quite simple. The patient swallows a large capsule attached to a…

Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores can be impossible to manage with creams and lotions. Luckily, there are many other options to help get the smooth and pore-less look you want. Why are your pores so large? You can blame your parents for that, because pore size is largely determined by genes. This also makes it pretty difficult to shrink enlarged pore. However, it's…

It Works Body Wrap

It Works body wraps can’t induce weight loss (this is true of any topical, body constricting product). There are non-invasive treatments that do reduce fat, like CoolSculpting, but they are relatively expensive compared to wraps. Wraps can improve skin appearance by hydrating and plumping the skin. You may have seen a Facebook post from a former high school classmate or…

Sculpting Cheekbones

Contour kits that help shade in cheek hallows and highlight cheekbones are a makeup bag staple. But for some faces— the very round and full — no amount of makeup will recreate sculpted, angular cheekbones. In such cases, a common cosmetic facial surgery procedure known as buccal fat removal offers a permanent solution. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons doesn’t…

Sunken Eyes

Sadly, the eyes are often the first to go. Over time, there’s an almost imperceptible hollowing. It happens slowly at first — but all at once, you notice. Perhaps you can’t pinpoint the cause, but one day you think “Wow. I look tired.” Hollowing of the eyes is caused by the inevitable downward trajectory of the face. As we age,…

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