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Emma Stone, PhD, is a contributing health and wellbeing writer for Zwivel.

age spots hands

Blissful hours whiled away at beaches on long summer days unfortunately come at a price. Sun spots, also known as age spots, liver spots or solar lentigines, represent one of the quintessential signs of ageing and overexposure to UV rays. What Are Liver Spots? Most commonly found on the face, hands and shoulders, solar lentigines are formed when pigment collects…

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery -- also known as mastopexy -- corrects low-hanging breasts by removing excess skin and repositioning the nipples. As a result, the breasts are given a firmer, more perky and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Why Consider Breast Lift Surgery? Beautiful breasts are firm, elevated breasts. However, breast sagging is a reality women face as they get older and gravity…

Breast Implants

Once you have committed to breast augmentation surgery, there's another important decision to make: What size implants should you get? The breast implant size that you choose should reflect both your aesthetic goals and lifestyle. Your decision must also factor in long-term considerations such as your health, comfort, and the aging process. Improperly fitted breast implants produce poor results --…

Skin Care Products

Top dermatologists discuss the nine best natural skin care products with ingredients that we come across on a daily basis.  In these health-conscious times where green smoothies have replaced black coffee as the go-to drink and many of us religiously research the provenance of our food, it’s only natural that such an interest would also extend to what we apply…

breast implant cancer risk

Many of you reading this have likely found reports on the Internet that assert a link between breast implants and cancer risk. So is it true?  If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, or if you have already undergone surgery, it is highly likely that you have encountered some of this material and are concerned about the purported connection between breast implants…

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