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Estelle Erasmus is a contributing beauty writer for Zwivel. She is also a writing coach, blogger, award-winning journalist, and former beauty editor who has been published in The Washington PostSalonVox,, and The New York Times.


This new procedure -- using skin-suspending strings -- may soon be as popular as fillers for fixing sagging skin. Just don’t call it “a thread lift.” In this day of technological innovations in cosmetic surgery, one question is on many prospective patients' lips: why go under the knife if I don’t have to? Many of the newest procedures are virtually…

injection to temples

Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen and correct facial wrinkles. It is also used off-label, as in my case, to fill in hollowed temples. Like most people, I’ve accumulated the signs of aging over time as a result of gravity, sun damage (even though I’ve never been a sun worshiper), and genetics. The stress from gaining and…

Dermal Fillers

Are there gaps in your knowledge about anti-aging filler treatments? Maybe it’s time to fill them. We’ve all been there. Looking in the mirror, we notice a crevice where there was once a youthful arc, or a deep furrow where once the skin was flawlessly smooth. Thankfully, since collagen and the first fillers made of hyaluronic acid hit the market…

Acne Woman

If you are one of the 50 million men and women who have acne, you’ve probably gone through a staggering array of products searching for that elusive unicorn—beautiful skin.   Adult acne affects 12 to 22 percent of women and 3 percent of men at some time in their adult lives. Clearly (or unfortunately not so clearly), acne is not just…

female cosmetic surgeons

Although 92 percent of all cosmetic procedures are performed on women, the vast majority of plastic surgeons are men. In an academic environment and workplace dominated by male doctors and mentors, female plastic surgeons must overcome gender bias, grueling training, and the lifestyle demands of their chosen profession. A recent op-ed in the Journal of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Melting…

mother and daughter plastic surgery

This dynamic mother and daughter duo are each other’s best critics and strongest supporters. Mary, 52, and Sophie, 27 (names changed for privacy) are a mother and daughter whose relationship is so close that they can finish each other’s sentences - much like the fictional Lorelai and Rory from the Gilmore Girls television series. The difference - this mother-daughter duo…

mommy makeover

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about mommy makeover procedures, both surgical and non-invasive. When I was pregnant with my daughter I gained seventy pounds - mostly from watermelon and pizza. After I gave birth, I was too caught up with cooing over my precious little bundle of joy to notice that as my face and body shrank back…

non-invasive beauty tips

You don’t have to get surgery to look rejuvenated. We asked the experts - medical doctors in the business of beauty - what non-invasive procedures they recommend to help you look younger, longer. 1. What’s the best way to lift the cheekbones without surgery? There is one element that we are all fighting - gravity, which eventually makes our skin…


The summer I was fourteen, I went to a camp that specialized in the performing arts. The afternoon of our first show, Jeanne, our designated makeup artist stared at my face while applying baby-blue shadow to my eyelids, and slicking petal pink lip-gloss on my lips. “You are lucky, Estelle,” she declared. “I can tell you’re going to age well.…

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