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Jennifer Purdie is a contributing health writer for Zwivel. She resides in Southern California.

rhinoplasty operation

Following pre- and post-op recommendations bears significant impact on your rhinoplasty surgery's success. Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex and intricate of cosmetic surgery procedures, requiring a great deal of finesse on the part of the surgeon. The nose is made up of several bone, cartilage and soft tissue components that need to fit together in a very specific…

male bodybuilder

The popularity of bodybuilding competitions is on the rise. Back in 2006, 40 International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB) competitions were held, with prize money topping 1.6 million dollars. Now the IFBB holds more than 2,500 competitions at all levels annually, ranging from local to world championships, and bodybuilders can earn enough money to make it their profession. Even celebrities like…

gynecomastia surgery

Man-boobs. Moobs. B*%ch tits. As the crude terms that are used to describe it suggest, gynecomastia can have a profound impact on a man's self-esteem. We asked the doctors about what causes the condition, and how it can be treated. What is gynecomastia? Gynecomastia is a disorder of the endocrine system that creates a swelling of the male breast tissue. It can affect one…

It started in my teenage years: debilitating migraines, preceded by auras and distorted figures that suddenly appeared in my field of view. Sometimes I suffered from tunnel vision and lost my eyesight for a few minutes. When it happened I would lock myself up in a bathroom, shut off all the lights and push a towel across the bottom of…

We asked five top, board-certified plastic surgeons for their recommendations on how best to address the following adult skin care problems. This is what they had to tell us. How can I get rid of sun spots? Sun spots occur due to an accumulation of sun/free radical damage. Make-up will hide the problem to a certain extent, but I prefer…

By my 30s, little crow’s feet had nestled into the corners of my eyes and a parenthesis was clearly visible around my mouth. When I saw that a plastic surgery office nearby was offering an open house to prospective Botox clients, I decided to drop by. Living in Southern California, where the obsession with youthful looks remains as high as real-estate…

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