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Nancy Weinberg Simon is a freelance beauty and lifestyle writer with over 20 years of experience. She’s the founder and editor of the beauty and lifestyle blog, The Beauty Wall, the features editor at Beauty in the Bag, a contributor at Smart Beauty Guide, and was the beauty editor at Family Circle magazine from 1997-2007. Nancy is a true bibliophile, loves entertaining, trolling home decor sites and attending estate sales, open houses and outdoor markets. Nancy lives with her husband and two children, just outside of NYC.


Non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic procedures work by causing controlled damage that jump-starts tightening, skin rejuvenation or weight loss. If you've got nagging flaws you want to fix but are hesitant to go under the knife, there’s no shortage of non-surgical options. Whether it's fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, or unwanted pockets of fat, doctors are making use of the latest scientific breakthroughs…

plastic surgery in thailand

In 2014 Americans spent almost $13 billion on surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures, and with some procedures at the hands of foreign doctors costing pennies on the U.S. dollar, medical tourism is booming. According to Patients Beyond Borders, the average range of savings for the most-traveled destinations can be of as much as 90%, with countries such as India, Malaysia,…