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Patricia Brown is a Montreal-based writer with a passion for good health, good food, and simple living. When not writing, she is an active curler in the winter months, and an avid gardener and dragon boat paddler during the summer. She and her husband Alex Simard share their home with one large dog and two small cats.

Dislocated Jaw

The mechanics of the jaw are fairly intricate, and jaw dislocations occur more easily than expected. Symptoms commonly include a crunching noise and difficulty eating or moving your jaw. Although jaw dislocation does not usually require surgery, clinical guidance and care are advisable. Your jaw hurts. In fact, your entire face hurts. Is it possible you’ve dislocated your jaw? A…

oral thrush

Oral thrush is not uncommon but is rarely serious. Some people are at higher risk for developing this infection. Understanding the cause of thrush may help reduce the risk. A variety of treatments – including several that are natural – can offer quick relief. Children with weak immune systems are more likely to get oral thrush infections. In adults, this…