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coolsculpting machine

In recent years, the overwhelming popularity of liposuction has led to the development of a variety of non-invasive procedures to help address unsightly and unwanted extra fat. Research has included radiofrequency treatments, low-level laser, high-intensity focused ultrasound, and of course, cryolipolysis, more commonly known as CoolSculpting. Each of these procedures utilizes a different mechanism to eradicate fat, but CoolSculpting has…

Emily Ratajkowski has one. So does Jasmine Tookes, and the entire Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show posse, now that I think about it. However, most women don’t, have never, and probably will never obtain one. I’m talking about “ab cracks,” the furor-causing fitspo phenomenon subtly taking over your Instagram feed. First coined in early July, the ab crack is essentially the…


In the early 1980s, doctors realized they had an effective neurotoxin for a number of eye disorders — botulinum toxin. Other medicinal uses followed, but by 2002, the FDA opened up a whole new role for Botox® — cosmetic corrections for a variety of areas.   by John Hammarley and Drs. Shaun Parson and Christine Hatori TOO MUCH OF A…