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Magnetic Face Mask

Magnetic face masks contain beneficial skin care ingredients and iron particles, which are said to help combat blemishes and wrinkles. These face masks' magnetic properties have not been proven to be beneficial for your skin, but dermatologists say they are not harmful. Luxury doesn’t come cheap: some magnetic masks cost several hundreds of dollars. When it comes to modern facial…


Medispas marry traditional spa services with clinical procedures. The American Med Spa Association suggests that 50% of medispas operate illegally. A properly supervised medispa can help you to get the most out of your treatment, including recovery. Imagine if a visit to the clinic or doctor’s office for a cosmetic procedure could combine state-of-the-art technology with the pressure-free, patient-oriented atmosphere…

Microblading Recovery

Your eyebrows will appear much darker immediately following your treatment than after the first week of healing. Applying Vaseline 3 to 4 times per day during the first week is critical to proper healing. To prevent infections, avoid swimming pools, saunas, sweaty equipment in gyms, and touching your eyebrows during the first week. Looking for a hassle-free, natural-looking way to…

Lip Mask

Collagen lip masks are supposed to plump and moisturize your lips for 5 to 6 hours post-treatment. The masks are made of a jelly-like substance soaked in serum and are worn for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. The treatment is painless and non-permanent, though wearing the lip mask can be awkward. Collagen lip masks seriously moisturize the lips,…

long eyelashes

Thinning eyelashes affect millions of women around the world. Neglect, aging and health conditions are three of the most common causes of sparse lashes. There are many temporary solutions, but increasingly people are exploring eyelash growth treatments that aim to address the underlying issue. Latisse is the only FDA-approved option that has been proven to promote eyelash growth. Long, luscious…

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