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non-invasive beauty tips

You don’t have to get surgery to look rejuvenated. We asked the experts - medical doctors in the business of beauty - what non-invasive procedures they recommend to help you look younger, longer. 1. What’s the best way to lift the cheekbones without surgery? There is one element that we are all fighting - gravity, which eventually makes our skin…

We asked five top, board-certified plastic surgeons for their recommendations on how best to address the following adult skin care problems. This is what they had to tell us. How can I get rid of sun spots? Sun spots occur due to an accumulation of sun/free radical damage. Make-up will hide the problem to a certain extent, but I prefer…


In my teenage years I was lucky enough to be blessed with clear skin, and rarely suffered from acne outbreaks. As an adult I started experiencing skin hyperpigmentation, a fairly common condition caused by the overproduction of melanin in certain spots on the skin. Adult acne, which affects nearly 70% of grown women, also became an occasional concern. This made…

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