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Quick Facts Cauliflower ear, a deformity that results from blunt trauma, is common in people who participate in contact sports. If the injuries aren't addressed soon enough, otoplasty may be required to improve the ear's appearance. The best way to prevent cauliflower ear it is to wear protective headgear while participating in activities that put you at risk. What is Cauliflower ear?…

Ear Surgery

If your ears are misshaped, disproportionate or protrude, otoplasty represents a safe and straightforward way to restore balance to your face. What Is Otoplasty? Many of us underestimate the degree to which ears influence the harmony and symmetry of the face. Framing our facial features, ears can either accentuate our best aspects or significantly detract from them. Even minor adjustments…

bride of frankenstein

With Halloween just around the corner, we asked cosmetic procedure experts who their favorite horror movie characters are, and what makeovers they would perform to help them reveal their true inner and outer beauty. Pennywise the Clown Pennywise is a real beauty product snob - you'll never catch him using pharmacy-bought concealer, lipstick, or hair dye. And have you seen his perfectly shaped…

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