Wondering what type of face shape you have? Us too! We’ve outlined the 9 most common men’s face shapes in order to help you identify which one most closely resembles your own.

To determine your face shape, you need to look at a variety of factors: facial width, facial length and bone structure. Other factors, such as the amount of fat in the cheeks and the position of the hairline, can also significantly impact the shape of a man’s face.

The easiest way to figure out which shape your face takes, though, is to look at photos and draw similarities. Knowing your face shape is also beneficial when deciding which hairstyles, glasses, facial hair and hats are best for you. It may also help you decide whether to invest in certain cosmetic procedures to enhance or alter your facial features.

Male Face shapes

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who are unhappy with the shape of their face, you might want to consider opting for a face-shaping cosmetic procedure – such as adding fillers to the cheeks for a more rounded, plump appearance – or undergoing chin implant surgery to increase the projection of your chin.

Another popular facial reshaping procedure is jaw Botox, where Botox is injected in the chin to add roundness. Forehead reduction, also called hairline lowering surgery, is another relatively common way to change the overall shape of the face.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

There are two relatively simple, at-home ways to help you determine which face shape you have. For the most accurate results, you’ll need to take some measurements.

  • The Measuring Method — Use a flexible tape measure to measure the width of your forehead, cheekbones, jawline and face length. The forehead should be measured from the peak of one eyebrow to the peak of the other, while the cheekbones should be measured from the outer corner of one eye to the other. To measure your jawline, jot down the length between the tip of your chin to the corner of your jaw just beneath the ear. Your face length can be found by measuring from the mid-point of your hairline to the bottom point of your chin. Write down each number and then use our guide below to determine which face shape you have.
  • The Mirror Method — If you’re short on time, you can also determine your face shape by standing in front of a mirror and using lipstick (or a temporary, washable marker) to outline your face. If you have long hair, make sure you pull it back so it doesn’t affect the shape of your face. Stand four or five inches away from the mirror and outline your face in the reflection. Once you have a solid outline, you can compare your face shape to the list below to see which ones best match.

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The Most Common Men’s Face Shapes

1. The Oval Face

Men with oval-shaped faces tend to have a wider chin and forehead, with the chin only slightly wider than the top portion of the head, creating an ovular shape.

Kanye West
Kanye West

The oval-shaped face is also marked by its soft, curved lines which create the ovular illusion. In other words, those with sharper facial edges probably have a square, rectangular or diamond-shaped face. With the oval face, the face length measurement will be larger than the measurement of the width of the cheekbones, while the forehead measurement will be larger than the jawline.

Celebrities with oval faces include Kanye West, Adam Levine, Matt Damon and George Clooney.

2. The Oblong Face

The oblong face is a slight variation on the oval face shape, only a little longer and more narrow. Those with an oblong face may have a slightly smaller chin, creating a shape similar to that of an inverted egg. Unlike the rectangular face, the oblong face is distinguished by its soft, round edges.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

Celebrities known for their oblong faces include Ben Affleck, Adam Sandler and Russell Crowe. If you have this type of face, your face length will be the largest measurement on your list.

3. The Square Face

The square-shaped face is one of the easiest to identify, with all of the measurements roughly the same or close in number. Those with square faces have exceptionally angular features, with a prominent chin, broader forehead, and a strong jawline.

David Beckham

Unlike the oval, oblong or round face shapes, those with a square face tend to have more prominent jaws and squared-off chins. Celebrities like David Beckham and Justin Timberlake have faces that skew squared. Jaw implants and chin augmentation, both of which can give the face a more angular shape, are some of the most popular facial surgery options, proving yet again that it’s hip to be square.

4. The Round Face

Distinguishing it from its slimmer oval and oblong siblings, the round face is characterized by its circular shape. Those with a round face will have a shorter, more rounded chin and forehead with broad cheeks, creating a circular shape. Many male celebs have a distinctly round face, among them Elijah Wood, Patrick Dempsey, Seal, and Nick Lachey.


Various procedures are available to help make the face appear rounder, including chin-rounding procedures and fat injections that help give the cheeks a plumper appearance. If you have this face shape, the measurements of your cheekbones and face length will be the same or similar.

5. The Rectangular Face

Men with a rectangular face tend to exhibit features from both the square and oblong face shapes, with the rectangular face appearing longer and less wide than the others.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

The primary difference between the rectangular face and the oblong face is that the former has more angular, squared-off features. Those with this face shape may have a strong jawline and a wider chin. If your measurements are similar across the forehead and cheekbones and you have a longer face length, you probably have a rectangular face.

6. The Diamond Face

The diamond-shaped face is marked by its narrow, pointed chin and high cheekbones. Many people tend to confuse the diamond face and the heart-shaped face, but there’s a relatively simple way to determine which is which. Those with a diamond face shape tend to have a narrow hairline, creating the illusion of a diamond.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

To determine if you have a diamond face shape, look at your measurements. The diamond-shaped face will be largest in the face length, with the cheekbones next and then the forehead.

7. The Heart-Shaped Face

Also referred to as the inverted triangle face shape, this shape features a broader forehead and a slim, pointy chin. Barack Obama, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling are some of the best examples of celebs with heart-shaped faces.

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling

Featuring a broader forehead with smaller cheeks and a pointy chin, the heart-shaped face gets its name because it looks like — you guessed it — a heart. If you have this shape, your facial measurements will descend in order from forehead to cheekbones to jaw, with a relatively short face length.

8. The Triangle Face

The triangle-shaped face is the opposite of the heart-shaped face, with a slimmer forehead and a wider, squarer jaw and chin. Hairline has a lot to do with this face shape, as those with a curving hairline that comes to a point often have more triangular features.

Keith Urban
Keith Urban

To determine whether your face skews triangular, look at your measurements. Is your forehead width smaller than your jawline width? If so, you likely have a triangle-shaped face.

9. The Pear-Shaped Face

Those who have a pear face shape will notice that the jawline is wider than the hairline, with the chin jutting inwards to create the unique shape of a pear.

james corden
James Corden

This curvy face shape is marked by its wide jaw, and while it’s considered attractive by most people, many with this face shape tend to look for ways to minimize the wider appearance of the jawline in order to create a more angular look. If your jawline is smaller than your forehead and your chin is significantly smaller than both, you probably have a pear-shaped face.

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