Allergic Reaction to Botox

I recently got Botox for the first time and had a bad allergic reaction to it.  My face became very hot and itchy and looked like I had gotten a bad sunburn.  My doctor then prescribed me an anti-biotic to reduce the swelling/redness and eventually it subsided after 10 days or so.  Was a nightmare experience and something that I would never do again.  If you are planning on having Botox for the first time, make sure you ask about this possible reaction.

Hi WonderEve,

We're sorry to hear about your negative experience with Botox. Do you know if the allergic reaction was caused by the neurotoxin itself, or possibly by the solvent used to administrate it?

While Botox side effects and complications are rare, they do happen. We recommend that patients familiarize themselves with the risks before booking their first treatment (read more here).



I have had botox before but never had this issue. I'll make sure to mention it to my friends that are thinking about getting it for themselves!

hmm that definitely makes me think twice about getting botox! I guess I wont know until I try it and I'll make sure to talk to my doctor about it. Thanks for the warning!

Good to know. I'm considering getting botox and I'm only in my late twenties! I heard it's best to prevent the deep lines from forming though.