The best way to combat crows feet?

Are there any good lotions out there to help, or is surgery/Botox the best way to fight crows feet around my eyes?  In addition I have large bags under my eyes, can Botox help with this as well?

Botox is usually for wrinkles only. It's not the only solution for crow's feet, though. You can lessen your crow's feet by moisturizing the area around your eyes, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and lessening your facial expressions.


For your eye bags, ask your doctor how to remove them.

Hi BarbieGrl4,

There are many different non-invasive under eye bag treatments.  

Botox can minimize the muscle contractions that lead to visible wrinkles associated with facial expressions (helping crows feet), and results last for three to four months until the muscle movement gradually returns. Minimizing muscle movement in the upper third of the face can have a profound anti-aging effect on the eye area, and can also help prevent visible wrinkles when the face is at rest.

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