Botox to stop sweating

Hi all,

I am a 28 y/o male and sweat A LOT. I've heard of people getting botox in their armpits to stop sweating. Has anyone had this done? Does it actually work? If I'm not sweating from there does it come out somewhere else?



M, 31, New York

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Ill make sure to ask about Miradry!

I havent heard of this before but following this post for the information!

Hey Grandmomma -

I would def look into Miradry.  Im a 27 year old male and have suffered from heavy sweating my entire life.  I recently got Miradry and it has worked miracles on me.  

I've also heard miraDry works well. I'm thinking of getting it done. 

I have also heard that Botox works to prevent sweating.  There is a relatively new procedure out called MiraDry.  A friend of mine had it and says its the best thing shes ever done so maybe look into a doctor who has that and ask if Miradry or Botox under the arms is better.


Is Miradry an injection as well?