Can I get Botox while Pregnant? And if I wait, while Breastfeeding?

I just found out two days ago that I’m pregnant while my appointment for my first Botox touch-up is scheduled for next week. Do you think it’s still safe to go on with it? Can it harm my baby? From what I understand the product should only stay local, in the affected area, and not travel throughout my entire body. I hope I don’t seem extremely irresponsible right now because I’m actually very scared that I could do something wrong and mess up my pregnancy. I really hope you will be able to provide me with some information. Thank you.


F, 39, Delaware

I really love Botox and it’s difficult to give it up when you’re pregnant or after the birth when you’re breastfeeding. If you have a serious medical condition that requires Botox injections, your doctor can help you weigh the pros and cons.

My doctor recommended that I stop Botox injections during my pregnancy. I wanted to nurse my baby and both my obstetrician and dermatologist agreed it was best to wait until she was weaned to get my Botox. For me, that was more than a year without Botox. Because I was pregnant and carrying more weight than usual, my face was fuller and everyone said I was glowing.

Now that my baby is 16 months old, I’m ready to get Botox again. Most of the baby weight is gone. Woo hoo!

This answer supports how you’re feeling about Botox during pregnancy or nursing your baby. It’s probably okay but why risk it? Buy natural facial care products and think serene thoughts until you can visit the dermatologist’s office again!

With weeks, months, and even years of dark circles under your eyes in the future, Botox may seem like a good option to regain your youthful appearance. However, you should think twice about receiving injectables, like Botox, while pregnant. Due to a lack of studies on pregnant women and their developing fetuses, it is recommended to refrain from getting Botox while pregnant. While there have been association between fetal abnormalities in mice and Botox, it is not evident how this injectable would effect a developing human. 

In regard to breastfeeding, please heed the advice to stay away from Botox during this time period, as well. According to the Botox package warnings, it is unknown if this injectable or its byproducts can/are excreted through human milk. Most medical practitioners will advise you to stay away from Botox while pregnant and breastfeeding as a precaution. In short, your desire for injectables can wait just a few more months while you are making and feeding a small human. Everyone will relate to the dark circles under your eyes as a right of passage.

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy to come! You're right to worry about getting Botox while pregnant because there's always a risk that at least small amounts may make their way into your bloodstream and thus to your developing baby. Most medical professionals will tell you not to knowingly have Botox injections while you're carrying a baby or breastfeeding because there simply is no evidence to prove that it's safe. This also means that there is no scientific proof that it's not safe. It's basically a big question mark, so most women go with the safest option and protect their babies by passing up the injections.

Yes, you can. I had Botox while I was pregnant and gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy. I thought about not taking it, but was told by several friends and the doctor who injected me, that it would not harm my child. 

You're correct that Botox is believed to stay in the general area in which it's placed, so that may give you the confidence needed to proceed with your touch-up as scheduled. Just keep in mind that there is no evidence that this won't harm your baby.

Botox is presumed to be safe when used in the small doses necessary for cosmetic purposes. The small amount typically injected into your facial muscles should not travel to your baby. However, there have been studies done in pregnant animals, in which high doses of botox were used and this did result in birth defects (e.g. Miscarriages, low birth weight, birth defects). I personally know several people who have received botox injections in their facial muscles while they were pregnant and all of their children are perfectly normal. For more information, see this study: