Curious about Botox

Can someone please tell me as much as they can about Botox? I am interested in having this done.

Hi TurboMom,

Botox is a brand of neurotoxin made by Allergan, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Neurotoxins are a family of medications that inhibit the action of muscle when injected into specific areas. One of the most common and consistently treated areas is the face. Specifically, dynamic wrinkles (the wrinkles of the face produced with expression) are ideal to treat before they create indentations that exist at rest. However, if you have wrinkles at rest it's not too late to address them - many patients have success of smoothing out resting wrinkles after several sessions over time with neurotoxins. In addition, improving skin quality (moisture, nutrients, reduction of environmental stressors, etc.) is a necessity for achieving optimal results. 

Neurotoxins for wrinkles treat various areas:

  • Glabellar lines (the 11’s or 1’s that form when moving the brows together in an angry face)
  • Crows feet
  • Forehead lines

Loss of volume is a common complaint, but many patients incorrectly assume that they need Botox for correcting this - it’s a simple misunderstanding of what the differences are between neurotoxins and fillers, and what they are used for in cosmetic treatment. Dermal fillers do just as they describe - fill areas of volume loss (i.e. lips, cheeks, undereye hollows, etc.). So when you point to your undereyes and say you need Botox to fix your “sleep deprived” look, you’re correct you would need a cosmetic treatment, but inaccurate in what will actually fix that issue. 

I recommend you present your concerns to a board certified dermatologist, and from that discussion will learn what treatment would be most appropriate. Once the appropriate treatment is determined, they will review the benefits, risks, and any other details you should know (or want to know). 


Best of luck to you,

Jeanine Downie, MD