Taking the leap into trying Botox

Botox never was something I ever thought about until I started seeing old pics on Facebook of how young I looked just a few years ago. 

I'm a healthy guy , don't smoke, exercise regularly and I still feel I aged dramatically over the last few years. 

My buddy who is into all sorts of night time creams and facial masks told me to try Botox and at first I thought it was only for women. Then I researched more online and found out that a majority of men entering their 30s were the top canidates for this simple procedure. 

Once my ego calmed down I decided to book an appointment through Zwivel and before I new it I was in the chair getting pricked. It looked like it would hurt and I was never I would come out looking like Jack Nicholson . 

Thankfully I was reassured during the session I would barley notice anything unless I tried to move my eye brows up . I was pleased that everything went well and I actually have had a few dates because of my confidence I gained back. 


I couldnt be be any more pleased with this simple procedure ! 



M, 32, Connecticut

Awesome!  Thanks for sharing, especially from a males point of view.  My brother has wanted to try it and has been nervous so I can now share your story with him.