Are there payment plans for Brazilian Butt Lifts?

Hi, there I am 19 and currently working a part-time job. I was just wondering if there are payment plan that is often addressed prior to the surgery. For example, paying a few hundred every 2 weeks or monthly plans. My current job does not allow me to pay fully for the operation. Another question I had was, are you awake the whole time during surgery, or do you feel the whole thing?


F, 21, Ontario

Hi Muska, 

I used CareCredit to finance my BBL surgery. Your doctor must be enrolled with CareCredit for it to work (many are). There are other financing services like Alphaeon Credit, SoFi and Prosper available too. I was able to pay a few hundred dollars a month through CareCredit for my surgery. I think of all the financing companies out there, they have been around the longest and are the most reputable. 

I was completely knocked out during my BBL surgery and did not feel a thing.  During my operation, there was an anesthesiologist in the OR who gave me general anesthesia. I was dead asleep and was not aware of anything happening during my surgery. I was also injected with local anesthesia, which I did not notice because I was asleep, but my surgeon told me he did this. The local anesthesia acts as added protection to make sure you experience no pain at all. 

You will be very sore, bruised and swollen after surgery, but won't feel anything during it. To be completely honest, I actually felt really good after my operation. They must give you a relaxant or something when you're under general anesthesia, because I felt like I just woke up from an amazing night of sleep. 

Let me know if you have any other questions! All the best. 

Thank you so much! helped a lot :)