Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure. Is it worth it?

I don’t know many people who have had this type of surgery so maybe you guys can help me with this. I am considering enhancing my backside, but I need to be sure it’s worth the trouble. How much fat can the doctor harvest from someone before injecting it into the butt? Is it substantial? Because that would be wonderful, almost like a 2 for 1 procedure. I don’t have a saggy buttocks, but I look at all these celebrities nowadays, and I kind of wish I had a similar body shape. Is it possible to obtain a similar result with only fat, or do I need artificial implants for that?


F, 40, Maryland

The maximum amount of fat that can be liposuctioned in an outpatient setting is five liters. This is the common amount that is extracted in the Brazilian butt lift procedure, and 1200 cc to 1500 cc of purified fat is then injected in each buttock.

The celebratory body shape can be achieved with liposuctioned fat. Artificial implants are an option that you can also discuss with your doctor, who will help you determine the very best way to achieve the bottom popping look that you desire. There is a reduced risk of adverse side effects when your own fat is used rather than an implant.

The Brazilian butt procedure was definitely worth it, believe me! I accomplished the look I wanted with a fat transfer. I had fat removed from one area and added to my butt. Yes, it was similar to a two-for-one cosmetic bonus. I'm thrilled with the outcome. I wanted to get the Kim Kardashian look, and I got the wow factor that I was expecting. 

During the initial consultation, I shared a picture with my doctor of the ideal, sexy backside that I was seeking. My doctor then examined my shape to determine the optimal area to remove fat. Based on my height, weight and shape the doctor suggested that I remove unwanted fat from my waist with liposuction. 

In one procedure, I had a substantial amount of unwanted fat transferred from my waist to my now sculpted, curvy and lifted butt. My waist has become a perfect, hourglass silhouette which I believe brings more attention to my shapely butt. The results that I achieved have definitely increased my self-esteem and have me feeling and looking exactly as I had hoped. 

Yes, the Brazilian butt lift is definitely worth it! Even if you started out with a perfectly round derriere in your teens, pregnancy and life can shift your curves. Surgery can help you achieve the body you want after you’ve done all of the weight loss, exercise, and body sculpting possible in the gym.

After my baby was born, my surgeon recommended waiting at least a year for my body to return to normal. I lost the baby fat but was left with a lot of extra fat around the middle. During the consultation, he said, “Go to the gym and do high-intensity interval training about three days a week. Walk every day, and use free weights to tone every other day.” 

After six months, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. My waist and gluts didn’t return to normal. I moaned to friends about my new mommy body. Ugh.

Now at normal weight, my surgeon said I was a candidate for the Brazilian butt lift. He used liposuction to remove excess abdominal fat. That fat was later injected into my butt.

All I can say is, wow! My husband is in awe and my confidence is through the roof. There's nothing I can't accomplish. I highly recommend getting a Brazilian butt lift if your surgeon says you're a candidate.

This is an excellent procedure for individuals who desire to decrease inches and use that repositioned fat to shape and lift their bottom. Choosing to remove the majority of the fat from one area will give you the most dramatic and sculpted results. Client reviews are very positive, and clients typically report that it was well worth it!