Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Time?

I am interested in having a Brazilian Butt Lift, and I was wondering what the recovery period for this procedure is? Do you have to stay in the hospital overnight for observation, or can you return home the first night after the cosmetic intervention? I’ve read that the surgery takes around 4 or 5 hours, and that I won’t be able to sit for a couple of weeks. How do you rest if you can't sit for a couple of weeks? Belly only? I imagine that my whole body will hurt (because of the liposuction), so I’m not sure that's even possible. I would be really grateful if anyone could give me some advise. Thank you! 


F, 33, Ohio

The recovery time for a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is approximately ten to fourteen days. Some doctors release the patient a few hours after surgery, while others opt to keep the patient overnight for observation.  During a BBL, a large volume of dilute solution (epinephrine and lidocaine) is injected into the fat below the skin, causing the area to become swollen and firm (aka tumescent). This solution is then suctioned out and fat comes along with it. The solution is then removed from the fat and it's injected into different areas of the butt. The surgery typically takes four to six hours. Due to the amount of fluid and fat removed and then reinjected into your body, some doctors feel it is wise to keep the patient overnight. During the recovery period, I would not sit for long periods of time, as this could damage the fat transferred to your butt. This is because the fat transferred to your butt during surgery does not establish a blood (nutrient) supply for several weeks and the fat cells are more susceptible to damage, leading to their death (more fat cells dying = abnormal/poor appearance of your butt). 

I would also recommend the following:

  • Do not sit directly on your butt for at least two weeks.
  • When resting, sleep on your side or stomach.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise or activities for at least four weeks. 
  • Avoid pools, the ocean and hot tubs for at least four weeks. 
  • Do not shower for two days following the procedure
  • Stretch your legs frequently and move as often as possible. This will reduce the risk of you developing blood clots. 
  • Wear your girdle as often as possible, only removing it when you shower. 
  • Some doctors recommend taking water pills for several days, to reduce the amount of swelling caused by the liposuction/reinjection of fat. 
  • Some doctors recommend taking 400mg Advil (ibuprofen) every 6 hours, 4x a day. Other doctors do not agree with this. Consult with your physician to find out what he/she recommends. 
  • When you return to sitting (after two weeks) for long periods, use a BBL pillow (see image below)
  • Monitor your drain output (a drain will be placed on your lower back to remove excess fluid from the surgery site). 
  • Take clindamycin for a week to help prevent infections (consult with your physician on this, as they may recommend a different antibiotic). 
  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will help your body recover from the procedure. 

When a BBL is performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, who has vast experience doing BBLs, risks are generally low. Good luck to you! 

The Brazilian butt lift is a same-day procedure that lasts about four hours. You should request the help of a friend to assist you as you rest the first night after the procedure. Over-the-counter pain medication should provide relief, and prescription medication may be prescribed for use as needed.

You may feel stiff and sore for several days after the Brazilian butt lift. The common side effects, including numbness, swelling, bruising, soreness, bleeding, pain or discomfort, typically subside within six to eight weeks. You will most likely be able to resume activities and return to work in two to three weeks. You are not to sit directly on your butt for three weeks. You can rest alternatively or sleep on your stomach or side to keep the weight off your bottom. Strenuous exercise, such as sports, are to be avoided for four weeks.

A Brazilian butt lift procedure takes between two and five hours. The variation in time is often attributed to the liposuction part of the surgery, as the procedure may take longer for slim patients who require fat harvesting from more than one area. Liposuction may also take longer if the patient has existing scar tissue. Patients are generally released once their surgery is complete. In some cases, they may remain in the surgical facility overnight to recuperate under the care of a nurse, depending on the extent of the liposuction that was performed. It is common to feel some mild to moderate discomfort once the anesthesia wears off. Oral pain medication prescribed by your surgeon will help to alleviate this discomfort.

Brazilian butt lift recovery takes approximately one month. Expect to need three to four weeks away from work and normal activities, and three to four weeks from sitting or placing pressure on your buttocks. It is critical that you avoid sitting or straining the buttocks for the period of time specified by your surgeon, as sitting will detrimentally affect the survival rate of the fat transfer cells. It takes several weeks for the transferred fat cells to establish a strong blood supply and, until that point, they are vulnerable to damage.

On average, between 20-50% of the fat cells die. What you do during the postoperative recovery process will strongly influence your final results. Some essential guidelines to follow include:

  • Making sure you sleep on your side or your belly, not your back.
  • Avoiding strenuous exercise for a month. Keep up your fitness with gentle, short walks to help with blood circulation.
  • No heavy lifting or squatting.

There are special donut-shaped pillows you can purchase that allow you to sit at work without compromising the transplanted fat. Your surgeon will also provide you with compression garments which help to minimize swelling, accelerate healing, and help you obtain optimal results. Wear the compression garment according to your surgeon's specifications.

Brazilian butt augmentation can significantly enhance a woman's silhouette by slimming down problem areas while simultaneously enhancing the shape and the size of the buttocks. Final results are usually apparent after four to six months, and will depend on the extent to which the patient followed postoperative guidelines. After six months, results should be maintained as long as no weight is gained or lost.

Brazilian butt lift surgery takes about four to five hours. Plan to stay overnight for observation if you can. The first night after the surgery is the most challenging. After that first night, take the pain medications recommended by your doctor. Don’t sleep on your back. If you’re already a side-sleeper, or you like sleeping on your belly, think about adding some post-surgery appropriate body pillows. Always follow the doctor’s recommendations.

The first few days are crucial to the ultimate success of your Brazilian butt lift surgery. Blood vessels must grow to support the newly distributed fat in your derriere. While sitting is the new smoking is true, sitting after a Brazilian butt lift can kill your beautiful new booty!

Don’t overly exert yourself in the recovery period. Don’t exercise. It’s fine to take a short walk but avoid any strenuous movements. Ask a friend or relative to do your shopping if possible. Avoid heavy lifting.

I planned on a month away from work, and that recovery period was just right. My doctor recommended a work from home schedule for two extra weeks, and I got a stand-up desk for my home office. 

My recent Brazilian butt lift surgery was completed in less than six hours, and I stayed overnight for observation. Staying overnight worked out great for me. It was helpful to have nurses care for me that first night. 

I was instructed to walk frequently and to stretch my legs each day to decrease the chance of blood clots and to encourage blood flow and the healing process. I was given a compression wrap (girdle) to wear in the area of the liposuction to limit swelling. I followed the post-surgical instructions and I took pain meds for discomfort. 

I took turns sleeping on my side and on my stomach for the first 23 weeks. When the doctor approved it, I used a donut-shaped air cushion when I was seated. Sleeping on my side and stomach was important because it kept me from putting direct pressure onto the fat grafts while I slept. As my doctor explained, direct pressure must be avoided because the blood supply needs to consistently flow unrestricted to and from the area. The blood is a life source that brings the newly, grafted fat the important nutrients that are needed for attaching and thriving. 

During the first three to four days, the blood vessels grow into the fat grafts and then begin to grow in strength. These new blood vessels play an important role in providing the fat grafts and surrounding tissues with the necessary nutrients and circulation to allow them to successfully knit together. The fat graft takes an additional two to three weeks to reach the strength needed to withstand minor stresses. 

You can't sit for two to three weeks after the Brazilian butt lift as the area heals. Staying off your butt is inconvenient but I believe my outcome was well worth the inconvenience. I look amazing and my self-esteem is so much higher. 

By the way, I know a friend who needed to return to work before three weeks and her doctor recommended she use a "cain chair" at work. This allowed her to sit for short periods of time, while she was at work, without putting direct weight on the grafts. 

Good things take time, and recovery after a Brazilian butt lift will take several weeks or longer. It’s important to work out time off with an employer or, if you’re self-employed, prepare clients and employees for your longer vacation. The key to your successful Brazilian butt lift surgery is an experienced board certified surgeon. A skillful surgeon who’s performed many Brazilian butt lift surgeries can help you make the right decisions. Ultimately, these decisions can also help to reduce your recovery time after the Brazilian butt lift surgery.