Buttock Lift Without Fat Transfer? Is it Possible?

Hi, I’m 25 yo, thin and I’m interested in knowing if it’s possible to perform a butt lift without harvesting and injecting any fat of my own? Because I’m definitely not a reasonable candidate for that. I don’t have enough fat reserves for a transfer (I wish I had though). Not to mention that half of the fat would have melted within a year anyway. I’ve tried squats but they don’t work for a dramatic change, so I guess this is what it comes down to, implants. Therefore the only options left are butt implant or some silicone injections. Any suggestion?

You can have a buttock lift without fat transfer, but you'll have a lot of scarring from it (more surgery, since there's no fat to transfer and lift your rear up). I also doubt at your age you need a lift. You most likely need a buttock augmentation. If your body doesn't have enough fat, a doctor can use buttock implants. I would speak with a board certified plastic surgeon to find out what you need for your particular scenario. 

How much does but implants costs

It can range depending on where you have the surgery done.  I would say a good median price is around $8,500.  Personally I think a Brazilian Butt Lift is a better option than Butt Augmentation and its cheaper (~$6500).  Also, I think its a better result :) 

The Brazilian butt lift can be achieved either with a fat transfer that is completed with liposuction or with the addition of implants or silicon injections that are used to volumize the buttocks. This decision will be made by the doctor based on the most harmonious results possible. 

If you are very thin and have a hard time gaining weight, you could get amazing results with a Brazilian butt lift. Your already thin waist and your lean thighs will emphasize your new, sexy and voluptuous butt. 

I recommend that you visit a board-certified plastic surgeon for a free consultation, where your height, weight, shape, age and desired outcome will be professionally assessed. You can achieve the curves and shapely butt that you desire with the professional help of your knowledgeable and experienced plastic surgeon.