Has anybody tried out Brazilian Butt lift from Beachbody yet?

Sorry if I'm a little off-topic here but has anybody tried out that new Brazilian Butt lift workout thing from Beachbody yet? I'm only asking because I sometimes wonder if I would just be better busting my ass [literally] with a focused workout program like this than spending so much time and effort investigating plastic surgery procedures that do the same thing. That established, I guess if you get butt implants the results are there forever, right? Also, I've tried a lot of exercise routines designed to give me a more pronounced, wider booty and nothing ever gave me the rump I was shooting for. Which is why I'm a little skeptical about this Brazilian Butt lift thing from Beachbody and asking the question. I really would consider trying it out before committing to implants if I thought there was anything to it.


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The Beachbody workout is awesome if you want to get tight and toned. Unless you've already got a fuller than average behind (and I don't), it's unrealistic to believe the program can add inches and contours you're looking for. That's why I wanted to give you my opinion about booty workouts and exercise in general. 

That said, a Brazilian butt lift surgeon will probably recommend getting in good shape and losing weight if necessary before surgery. You want to have a stable weight for six months or more before committing to major surgery. When you're at or very close to the weight that's right for your height and frame, start to interview experienced and board certified surgeons. 

If nature never gave you the gorgeous booty you want, a Brazilian butt lift procedure is the only way to achieve it. If you had a gorgeous hourglass figure before having children, it's important to give rigorous exercise like Beachbody a try. 

As I said earlier, nature didn't give me a full and shapely rear end. I have an athletic body and used to wear size two jeans. After Brazilian butt lift surgery, I wear size six jeans. But it's the way I wear my jeans that makes all the difference!

I have done this exercise routine and it worked...to a degree. I originally did it to help me eliminate menopausal belly fat, which can be very difficult to get rid of. I've always been a healthy person my whole life -- I exercise, eat well, etc. Up until I was 45, I never had an issue keeping a slim, curvaceous figure. However, once I hit 45, I noticed that my typical workout routine that had worked so well for my entire life started to fade. I seemed to have a very difficult time eliminating the 7 extra pounds I had suddenly gained and could not lose. 

After doing the beach body workout for two months, I was able to lose 5 pounds and 3 inches off my waist. My belly fat has pretty much disappeared and my body feels much firmer. 

The results from the beach body workout are probably not too different from any other rigorous workout routine, but the exercises they provide are fun. The instructor in the videos, Leandro, is very likable and kept me motivated. His instructions are extremely clear and easy to follow. The scenery in the videos is also encouraging, as they are frequently on the beach and I keep thinking if I push myself, I'll be able to show off my body on the beach some day soon! Many of the exercises are challenging and I often find myself drenched in sweat after a 30 minute workout. 

Like I said, this workout is good, but it's most likely no different than any other rigorous workout. A Brazilian butt lift will probably give you much quicker and pronounced results than this workout, but I can't complain. Exercise only gets you so far. Good luck! 


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This is Dr. Sayed. While I have no personal or patient experience with this device, I think it's important for people to understand that the muscle is not the predominant source of volume in the gluteal area. While a toned gluteus maximus muscle will obviously make the buttocks look more shapely, it will do very little for actual size and projection of the buttocks. So I would view it as complementary to, rather than a subsitute for, BBL. Buttock implants can be performed safely by many plastic surgeons but that operation does have a somewhat high implant infection rate (compared to, say, breast augmentation where implants are routinely used with very low infection rates). BBL is a more natural alternative but must be performed by HIGHLY qualified and experienced plastic surgeons (board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery) in accredited surgery facilities. Don't be lured by the low cost centers (Miami is rampant with them - trust me, I used to practice in that market and I've seen some real horror shows). If you'd like to learn more about gluteal enhancement, visit us at http://www.timsayedmd.com or email info@timsayedmd.com.


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